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Matrix Mini-i Pro Impressions?

Discussion in 'Dedicated Source Components' started by senpai3330, Dec 19, 2013.
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  1. TonyRoma
    The seller has agreed to exchange the unit, fingers crossed.
  2. kidult-online

    I have contacted MATRIX and they will release a new firmware very soon to fix the stuttering in high bitrate. All users should download the firmware from their website and fix the bug once release.
  3. White Lotus
    Excellent news. Thanks mate.
  4. Fir33
    Niceeeeeeee :wink:
  5. kidult-online
    Here's the new firmware update for Mini-i, Mini-i Pro & X-Sabre:
  6. kidult-online
    Hope it fixed the stuttering sounds in high bitrate. The new firmware now support iPhone & iPad but need to connect with Apple Camera Kit.
    Supporting DSD in ONKYO HF Player (from App Store)
  7. White Lotus
    Woah. Seriously?
    That's pretty cool.
  8. TonyRoma
    How do i install on a Mac?
  9. TonyRoma
    Just found out its windows only.
  10. Maxvla Contributor
    Unfortunately it did not fix my stuttering at 352.8 and 384, but at least the volume is not randomly changing as it was. Progress??
  11. Hellenback
    Oh no, what am I going to do with all my 352.8 and 384 kHz music files until they fix it (if I buy one) [​IMG]  
    I  know, I know, it should work as advertised.
  12. Maxvla Contributor
    Yeah, I've been using the Pro every day for the last month or so since I've loaned out almost everything I have. Only time I ran into the problem was testing after firmware update. Not a biggie. I'm sure they will figure it out soon.
  13. 12Jewelz
    Has anyone compared this to the Emotiva Stealth DC-1? I know the Emo cannot do DSD or higher then 192k, but all other features considered.
  14. burdie
    Hi, I just received Mini-i Pro and believed it loaded with latest firmware (ver 1.2 shown on config menu). I got few question/problem to ask expert here about it
    (1) My Mini-i Pro installed as mini-i in Win 7 (when installed driver the USB device pop up info shown mini-i installed but mini-i pro failed). Just wonder anyone installed it as mini-i Pro?
    (2) The bottom chassis printed with Mini-i with no 'Pro', is this normal? However, the serial number same with the serial number printed label on the box which stated mini-i pro. Even on config menu got setting on PCM and DSD so I believed it is pro version, but why the chassis not printed with 'Pro'? just need the confirmation on yours.
    (3) Setting it on foobar by installing all required driver/plugin, unable to playback DSD until i changed DSD playback method. Below is what I got on various DSD playback method under foo_dsd_asio v0.7.1.2
    Asio Native : unrecognised 44khz sample rate
    DoP Marker 0x05/0xFA : finally shown DSD 2.8 on my Pro
    dCS Marker 0xAA : shown rate of 17xkhz
    exD Marker : shown rate of 17xkhz
    Is DoP Marker the correct playback method and the SQ has no different to Asio Native?
    If you have better configuration or other playback software please let me know, preferable with detailed guide.
  15. Maxvla Contributor
    I've had some issues with driver installation as well, but despite any errors that pop up, it always seemed to work anyway.

    You'll know if you have a Pro for sure or not if you open the menu.


    DoP is correct.
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