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Massdrop x Liquid Carbon X Discussion

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  1. philk34
    Yes, I do.

    Just a plug adapter US->EU
  2. mark5hs
    Would this be a worthwhile upgrade over a Geek Pulse standard? I use he560 headphones and they did come with an xlr cable
  3. Voxata
    I use LCX with 560, tonally it is very nice where other amps are less so. Great combo. Eq on the lower bass helps my tastes.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2018
  4. abvolt
    The LCX is a great sounding amp I enjoy it with all my hp's..
  5. scarfacegt
    What gain is it when the nob/button is out and when it is pressed in? And use high gain on lcd2c? :)
  6. runeight
    1X out
    3X in
  7. mark5hs
    Thoughts on lcx + sdac vs schiit Jotunheim with dac?
    Headphones are he560, hd650, audioquest nighthawk.
  8. Megazine
    Thats what I'm curious about. I just bought the LCX + sdac and like it so far
  9. Voxata
    I like both TBH. But, LCX is better with HE560 while the Jotunheim is amazing with HD650. Just my opinion.
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  10. Viper2005
    The standalone Carbon X (no dac) is active on massdrop again!
    displayname likes this.
  11. Voxata
    Nice! Didn't think they'd make more
    displayname likes this.
  12. displayname
    The MD and Monoprice partnerships with Cavalli have been really cool to see. The Cavalli name went from high end boutique to highly accessible and affordable in 2018.
    Obviously a few trade offs had to be made compared to his original stuff, but with the Liquid Spark at $100, CTH at $250, Liquid Carbon X at $300, and Liquid Platinum at $700 there really has been a Cavalli amp for everyone in 2018. I think Schiit started shaking up the market, and these moves is forcing everyone to really get more innovative and keep their pricing sharp.
    abvolt, Megazine and Ken G like this.
  13. abvolt
    Very true excellent points, I own the LCX and am thinking of getting the LP..
  14. Krutsch
    Just came back from a long business trip and my new LCX was waiting for me, along with Kimber Kable Hero XLR cables for my DAC, as well as an XLR cable for my MrSpeakers 'phones.

    A lot of amp for $379 US and loving this playback chain, so far. A slightly soft, almost analog sound smoothness using my Bel Canto DAC in balanced mode.

    I've been listening to my Walkman NW-A55 + Shure SE846 combo for the last 15 days, so I am probably reacting to the change in sound from my travel rig, which is a little bright with exaggerated bass.

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  15. eeagle
    Nice rig and choices. With that much new in the chain it will be hard to tell what made the most difference, but I will suspect that Cavalli Liquid Carbon is the main contender. The LCX is a jack of all trades, don't sell the Grace sdac short in fact you can switch between it and the Bel Canto w/the flip of a switch and see if is worth the extra $.
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