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Massdrop x Liquid Carbon X Discussion

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  1. CarlosUnchained

    • Massdrop x Alex Cavalli
    • Chassis: High-grade CNC-milled aluminum with bead-blasted finish
    • Gain: 1x (0 dB) and 3x (10 dB), hot switchable from front panel
    • Maximum power: Balanced 2.8W RMS into 50 ohms, single-ended 0.7W RMS into 50 ohms
    • Inputs: 1 x XLR (balanced), 1 x RCA
    • Outputs: 1 x 4-pin XLR, 1 x TRS
    • THD: 0.004% at 1 kHz/500 mW (4 VRMS) into 32 ohms (resistive)
    • Input impedance: ~10 kohms
    • Output impedance: ~0.12 ohm balanced, ~0.08 ohm single-ended
    • Dimensions: 8.3 x 9.1 x 2.2 in (210 x 230 x 57 mm)
    • Weight: 3.6 lbs (1,625 g)
    • Individually serialized
    • Switching power supply that handles 100–240 VAC (add plug adapter for your country’s outlet)
    • 1-year warranty
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  2. CarlosUnchained
    Anyone of the 241 who already joined the drop around?
  3. buldogge
    I joined somewhere in the first 100...I figured what the heck...My Music Hall 25.3 has balanced outputs (even though they're not really needed), just need to grab a balanced cable(s) for some cans and I'll give it a whirl (in March, of course!).

    I already joined the CTH drop...Was considering switching, but I think I'l keep both for now and decide later if I want to move one along.

    What cans are people looking forward to pairing with the LCX?

    -Mark in St. Louis
  4. CarlosUnchained
    To move along with Massdrop is reselling right?

    I didn't decide to pull the trigger just yet. I have a LCDX that could pair well with the LCX.
    Just look at the names, made for each other.
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  5. GuddoggEli
    I have no experience with the Liquid Carbon, and I have read that some think the LC is slightly warm sounding. First, is that true? Second, what DAC might be a good match? Thanks.
  6. chicken beer
    I am also looking at MD, it seems the Carbon X is a modification of V1, not V2?

  7. Zachik
    Cavalli LC v2 improved on the Single Ended (SE) circuitry / connector to eliminate hiss or hum.
    The MD LCX is based on the V2 design. So, and Alex Cavalli confirmed it, sonically the LCX should sound like the v2.
  8. chicken beer
    Oh. My. God. I need one as much as you do now.
  9. Josh Englert
    Sure, I joined the drop...looking forward to arriving in early 2018...Will also be grabbing the standalone CTH on the next drop. As far as DACs go...recently joined the Chord Mojo drop...and would like to order a Gumby around the time both CTH and LCX starts shipping. Though I have to do a little research to make sure Gumby pairs well with the new Liquid Carbon X. I think it will.
  10. Zachik
    From doing some online research - I am at this point debating the Gumby or the Chord 2Qute...
    Unfortunately, it is practically impossible to audition Gumby with LC (or LCX) :frowning2: No reseller carries Gumby, and Schiit won't carry the Cavalli amps.
    LC with 2Qute should be possible, but not easy to find.
  11. xXxDanXx
    The wait time does kind of suck. It's long enough for me to forget I ordered it.
  12. xXxDanXx
    When your used to prime
  13. watchdog507
    Even though the price point is attractive for a secondary system, my biggest beef with the Massdrop sale of this product was the six month wait. They get your money for an unreleased and thinly reviewed product. They use your money to build it and live happily ever after? Once these are released, the early adopters who are fickle will drop them like hot cakes on the forums. Current Cavalli products are pretty reasonable on the second hand forums. I kind of live for immediate gratification!
  14. GuddoggEli
    Thanks for info. But in a more general sense, would a dac from the Sabre family be more appropriate than say an AKM, or Burr-Brown for that matter? I realize the implementation is a major factor, but what should I be looking for? Headphones: HD6xx, AKG 7xx, Fostex T50RP (V1). (Yes, I'm a noob.)

    Also, if I may, from the two options you are looking at, it seems that the DAC is the more valuable (pricewise, anyway) element in the system...true?
    Last edited: Sep 15, 2017
  15. chicken beer
    The exact scenario on my last MD order.
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