1. mikewr

    [FS] Massdrop Cavalli Tube Hybrid (CTH)

    Update: Both amps sold! FS is my two amps, owned the CTH for about 7 months now and the Carbon x for about 1.5 months. Both in great condition, but the amp coating is a fingerprint magnet. I cleaned both with a microfiber cloth before pics. The Carbon X came out completely clean but the CTH had...
  2. avsmusic1

    (SOLD) Liquid Carbon X w/ SDAC

    Picked this up from Massdrop (original owner) earlier this year and probably haven't even spent 50 hrs with it yet. It's a fantastic combo unit but I snagged a used NFB 28 here a couple weeks back so no more use for this. It is practically in new condition with all the original paperwork, box...
  3. br4lin

    FS: MCTH (Massdrop Cavali Tube Amplifer) for 160 USD

    I am selling massdrop's cavali tube amp for 160; Used for less than 1 weeks. Conditions are basically perfect as new. This is the first tube I amplifier I tried, but turns out I am more of a solid state type of guy. PM offers!
  4. CarlosUnchained

    Massdrop x Liquid Carbon X Discussion

    Specs Massdrop x Alex Cavalli Chassis: High-grade CNC-milled aluminum with bead-blasted finish Gain: 1x (0 dB) and 3x (10 dB), hot switchable from front panel Maximum power: Balanced 2.8W RMS into 50 ohms, single-ended 0.7W RMS into 50 ohms Inputs: 1 x XLR (balanced), 1 x RCA Outputs: 1 x 4-pin...
  5. ahmadfaizadnan

    [SOLD] Cavalli Liquid Carbon V1

    Hi all, selling my first run liquid carbon. Working fine and I am still using it as we speak. I decided to upgrade to an end game solid state amp. No original box but I will pack it nicely; it does not come with power cable but I can add a generic power cable for free. Do pm me if you have any...
  6. Seth Warshavsky


    (WTB) CAVALI LIQUID GLASS AMP (BLACK IN NEAR MINT CONDITION) Please feel free to email me me at You can also phone me at 941-330-3180. Very interested in this amp, appreciate any help or leads. Thanks Seth