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Massdrop x Liquid Carbon X Discussion

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  1. MacMan31
    I'm considering this or the THX 789 to pair with my Massdrop Grace SDAC. Is there an advantage to one over the other?
  2. Voxata
    LCX has more space/treble energy to me. The 789 does gradient bass much better and has more detail throughout. Also, the 789 is good with SE/Bal in and out no problems. The LCX is best fully balanced. The 789 has a great stage don't get me wrong but for gaming I'd take the LCX over it. Music, 789.
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  3. PaganDL

    Both are great amps, only have the MLCX so can't compare yet with the THX 789 but by all reports & what I understand from THX, hard to go wrong either way.

    Hope you have a great day !
  4. ThisPandaIsAFish
    I've heard of issues with the measurements of this amp in certain reviews. Could anyone elaborate?
  5. MacMan31
    My listening would be mainly music so you say the THX 789 would be better? I have a balance cable for my HD6XX.
  6. thebkt
    There aren't problems, it just doesn't measure as well as the thx; which measures exceptionally well. That doesn't change the fact that the LCX sounds great and sounds clearer and punchier than the amp in my idsd BL which I believe measures better.

    My usual disclaimer regarding that other site that I presume you read about the 'problems'. Take anything on there with a grain of salt. His methodology is flawed and measurements are inconsistent.
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  7. Zbell
    I own both the LCX and THX-789. I use them mostly balanced with HD600s and TH-X00PH right now. They are both fantastic and you really can't go wrong. IMO, the THX is incredibly neutral, detailed and refined. I use it at home in my reference system with a Mimby and Loki for occasional EQ. I also have a Bottlehead Crack at home to switch things up with that amazing tube sound. I really like the combo and I think the amps compliment each other well. The THX is incredibly resolving, accurate, and punchy.

    On the other hand, the LCX is a bit warmer, with more emphasized bass (to my ears) and a smoother presentation. When comparing the two, the THX sounds a bit thinner perhaps, but more accurate and maybe a tad more dynamic. The LCX* is warmer with more bass weight (maybe a little boomier) and smoother and I think it's a better all-arounder for rock music and pairs really well with my TH-X00. Therefore I use the LCX as my work rig (the version with the built-in SDAC). They're both equally as good, but with different presentations when using the HD600s I think. The single-ended output is better on the THX for sure (if you plan to use SE).

    I guess overall, my opinion would be if you're using balanced output and you want punchy, accurate, dynamic and neutral sound, go with the THX. If you want something a little warmer, easier to listen to, and with a thicker overall tonality and presentation go with the LCX.
    Last edited: Jan 25, 2019
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  8. eeagle
    I too own both the LCX + SDAC and the 789. Agree with the above comment that the LCX is a warmer presentation. I bought it at the same time I picked up the Elex and find the pairing w/balance cable a real delight, the Elex is a bit too analytical for my liking w/the 789. The 789 pushes my harder to drive planar HE560's effortlessly and is primarily what I use it for. I've enjoyed both of these MD amps.
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  9. Voxata
    I use a modded 6XX and the THX 789 pulls ahead for me. The detail level through the FR is greater IMO. If your primary use is music, an extra $50 is a no brainer to recommend the THX.
  10. MacMan31
    Hmm okay. Well I'm using an Aune X7S right now paired with the MD Grace SDAC so I'm wondering if any of the Massdrop Amp offerings are really an upgrade over the Aune X7S.
  11. PaganDL
    Hi @MacMan31,

    Don't have the X7S so can't comment one something I don't have.

    Also depends on you, what other amps have you tried other than the X7S?

    Hope you have a great day !
  12. MacMan31
    I've only tried the Micca Origen+ and the AudioEngine D1 prior to the Aune X7S.
  13. PaganDL
    Hi @MacMan31,

    Have not tried those amps either but also can't say whether I can give you a clear answer either, as I also don't have your hearing or know your tastes.

    Apologies for not being better help.

    Hope you have a great day !
  14. CoFire
    Good succinct summary which I agree with except for the gaming... only because I don't game.

    In the second paragraph, I think you meant the LCX is warmer. I have both these amps and agree here also.

    The THX AAA 789 lifts the veil off the HD6XX and is an enjoyable pairing.

    Just wanted to confirm these observations since I've been listening to both amps for the past month or so.
  15. abvolt
    Well I've changed part of my source input to my LCX, I listen to CD's and I used to also use Spotify which is mp3 quality, I'm now using Qobuz HiRes 24bit (first time listening to hires) and have to say this amp is for more revealing than I ever knew it's way better sounding, This is a great inexpensive amp and it sounds so good now, you need to try this out if you haven't..
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