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This is probably a thread that will get axed, because it will become an advertising platform.

For instance, how about ECP Audio and Beezar Audio? (amps and DACs)

Just an FYI, but the reason it became "Designed and Assembled in USA," is because some of the best components available in audio today are all of Japanese manufacture. Some are European, a few are still US. However, it is absolutely impossible to construct a high-quality audio product today without Japanese components (even if those components themselves are manufactured elsewhere under Japanese supervision) - if for no other reason than electrolytic capacitors.
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Apologies for letting this thread stagnate a bit...just updated the list with all applicable suggestions. Cheers to all contributors! :beerchug:
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Ayre (Amplifiers, DACs)
Quicksilver Audio (Amplifiers)
BorderPatrol Audio Electronics (Amplifiers, DACs)
VPI Industries (Turntables)
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Dan Clark Audio

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