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I just read a 2016 review from Steve Guttenberg "The Audiophiliac" of CNET and Stereophile about the KOSS ESP-950 electrostatic headphone and its companion E-90 amplifier. He mentioned that this particular model is manufactured in Milwaukee. It makes sense that their TOTL headphone is made here in the US.

Etymotic does the same thing with their TOTL ER4 model which is Made in the USA. Their similar ER3 model is made in China though.

Another American company that manufactures their earphones in the USA is Periodic Audio. They explicitly have an Assembled in the USA badge under each model's description when you visit their website.


So yeah, perhaps add KOSS and Periodic Audio to your list?
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Heck of a lot more companies than this, course with trump still in power his trade wars, countries like Canada are national security threats under fake 232 use, the list identifies what we should not buy until impeachment or whatever :blush:
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conrad-johnson is a US company. I'm pretty sure they hand-make their gear in Fairfax, Virginia. Could be wrong on some part of the build process, but I'm pretty sure I am right on that.
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Anyone know which of the US ciem manufacturers actually build their pieces stateside? 64, JHA, Sensaphonics?

With the current trade situation I feel like that info is key to even remotely predictable pricing and turnaround time.
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In general, Im a huge fan of global supply and manufacturing, but in the current age of political irrationality, things we never used to have to think about are becoming relevant, and not just for audio.

A year ago, made in China = affordable, reliable, fast, and (in most cases) state-of-the-art. Now, that equation has changed
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