1. AetherDrive

    What Gear Would You Consider To Be “Fun”

    There are so many posts about wanting The Best, Reference, Neutral etc. gear. When I first started in HiFi I also thought that I wanted those things but now as I’ve become more experienced I’ve found that I vastly prefer the more interesting, different and “fun”sounding gear. We can talk about...
  2. V

    Recommendations for desktop amps/dacs under 200

    HI guys. I'm looking for some options to either compliment or replace my current setup. I currently have (ignore my signature for now, it needs to be updated) D10s > drop thx aaa one E30 > 4 port rca switch > drop o2, topping l30, fxaudio tube 02mkii, Koss 95x on suca tube t1 Fiio bta30...
  3. Coolzo

    AZ Head-Fi MiniCon the Fifth: September 10th 2022

    LATEST UPDATE 9/8/22: SchiitKit information added. Gear list updated 9/8/22 It's been a while since covid mucked us up, but we're back, for reals! Post your thoughts, and what gear you'd be bringing! Same stuff applies regarding used gear sales/trades, etc; please read the slightly-modified...
  4. HiFiGuy94

    How did you enter the world of HiFi Headphones/Gear?

    I'll start: So i first owned a pair of Audiotechnica M50x's but once i learned more about headphone sound signatures and listening to these headphones i found them too bright for my liking, so next i was looking for something darker with more bass/low end. After hearing good reviews i picked up...
  5. S

    Can you damage a power input port?

    Hello, I bought my little brother an SMSL SP200 a while ago as a gift. I recently found out that whenever our mom cleans his room she unplugs his amp. He said that every time she unplugs it or re-plugs it back in, she wiggles the head of the power cord a lot instead of simply pulling/pressing...
  6. pr0ggy


    Decided to attempt a reference thread where we compile a list of US-based audio companies and list them here as reference for anyone interested in supporting gear made in the USA. I'll monitor thread for replies containing new list entries and keep the second post updated. I did some digging...
  7. iron2k

    Advice on what or how to upgrade current equipment

    Hi, I would like your advice on what/how should I upgrade my current equipment: Headphones: Grado SR325e, Beyerdynamic T90 Jubile IEMs: 64audio U8 with stock premier cable (silver-plated copper) DAP: Fiio X5 3rd gen AMP: iFi Micro iDSD I'm thinking on moving from the Fiio X5 to iBasso DX200...