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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. hakuzen
    same construction, but it looks different wire. 130 is silver plated copper. this is advertised as pure silver (not guaranteed) and it's thinner

    FiiO cable is 0.08mm*19*8cores, exactly like ISN audio S8.
    cable 130 is 0.05mm*48*8cores.
    for taming 8k highs, try foam tips
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2019
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  2. archy121
    The ISN audio S8 cable would be great bargain at its price if it performed same exactly as FIIO cable. It costs 50% less.
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2019
  3. hakuzen
    yep. we don't know about quality of their silver plated copper wire, though
  4. archy121
    By that You mean the quality of the silver plating of the copper cable right ?

    It’s not separate stands of coppper and silver cables ?
  5. hakuzen
    i mean the quality of the silver plating, but also of the underneath copper. guess they'll be similar to FiiO wire, but can't ensure it.
    about sleeve, FiiO uses german TPU sleeve (soft). S8 could use soft TPU as well, but not specified.

    ISN Audio H8 has separated cores of copper and silver plated copper.
    FiiO and ISN Audio S8 have both silver plated copper cores uniquely.
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  6. Palash
    I have used Fiio's old cables and recent stock cables. Fiio silver cables are too soft. Isn s8 is medium soft better build quality. Fiio cables are tightly twisted where isn h8 and s8 are a bit loose. Sonically isn cables performing very good. Specially H8. Using H8 with Bgvp dm6 and improvImpro is noticeable. Much more cleaner now everything. For that price isn 8 core cables are my first choice than Fiio.
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  7. archy121
    Now that is interesting. It reminds me a little of how biamping works in HiFi world.

    My monitor speakers are cabled using two separate cable types for low frequency and high frequency. Single core for high and Multicore fine strands for low frequency.

    Seen any more reviews or impressions of this cable ?
    Last edited: Mar 6, 2019
  8. archy121
    Thanks for input. The chances of coming across another DM6 owner with the right cable .. fantastic.

    Can you please describe in little more words how the soundstage, lows and highs are affected using H8 vs the standard supplied cable ?
  9. lonereaction
    I got some cheap 2 pin cables and I'm trying to find out if I'm plugging them in the right way. On my JH16 Been listening to youtube videos on polarity, but I'm not really sure..
    Correct polarity is supposed to have the sound feel like it's coming in front of you or in between your ears. However when I reverse the connectors the polarity still sounds correct. Hmmm
  10. Palash
    After using H8 dm6 is now close to neutral. Bass improved, mids are now not that recessed, peaks of highs gone.
  11. Palash
    ISN Audio H8 8 Strands 19 Cores OCC & Sliver-plated Hybrid Cable.
    MMCX, 3.5mm
    Medium soft, good built quality. Tried with Fiio Fh5 and it improved lower frequency. Now bass is controlled and not bleeding in Mids. Again tried with OURART ACG earbud and higher frequency is now more polished. MMCX plugs are very good quality, it perfectly fitted with all my mmcx earphones. Just a gentle push is enough. Only a free cable tie is missing.
    20$ extra for MMCX to 2 pin 0.78 converter adapter (25$ if purchased separately ) and now i can use same cable with all my IEMS. Adapter is very small and not adding that much extra length. Good material is used and no noise at all. Yes a bit expensive but couple of bucks can be saved when ordered with ISN cable.
    Overall for 32$ ISN providing very very good cable. I have also got the S8 ( Silver plated coppper ) one and its fantastic. [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  12. subwoof3r
    @Palash what's the sonical differences between both H8 and S8? they sound exact same?
  13. Palash
    Not tested S8 yet that much. It's attached with my DM6. I will try with different iems and sources and will update soon .
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  14. Arkady Duntov
    My EA Ares II (8-conductor) cable started to come apart and then one set of pins broke. So, with @Dsnuts help, I ordered an ISN Audio C16 cable from Penon. Here are some notes on it.

    My Big, Fat, Copper Cable

    • Material: Single-crystal copper
    • Number of cores: 16 shares [conductors?]; each share is 19 cores [strands?]
    • Connector: MMCX or 2-pin, 0.78mm
    • Plug: 3.5mm TRS or 2.5mm balanced, TRRS plug (+US$1.00)
    • Cable length: 1.2m
    • Neck slider: Yes

    • The C16 is bulky but supple. It’s bigger than the Ares but more flexible. It’s too big for any shirt clip I own.
    • The C16 has a straight plug. I would have preferred a right-angle plug but that isn’t an option.
    • The plug housing on the Ares was quite large, so it couldn’t be inserted into my phone with the cover on. The C16 doesn’t have this problem.
    • The housing on the C16’s 2-pin connectors are recessed. Unfortunately, the receptacles on the EE Phantom aren’t.

    • The Phantom sounds great with the C16. I don’t hear any difference between it and the Ares.
    • The C16 seems to be a reasonable deal for US$48.90. The Ares II costs just over three times as much.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2019
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  15. Dsnuts Contributor
    I noticed an increase in resolution from just using the cable over time. Now I am thinking it needs more than just a few days of burn in on the cables. I would keep running music through the cables for at least a week.
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