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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. 00birdy
    If mine says 125V 20A don't I need one with 20A? I can only find 15A at the max.

    Normally monoprice is a good US seller, but these all state 10A or 15A.
    All the 20 amp cables seem to have the square C19 connector instead of the trapezoid-looking C13 connector.
    I'm assuming I need a C13 to Nema 5-15P after some googling. It doesn't seem like any of these cables have 20A ratings in this configuration. No 12 AWG either. Everything is 14-18 AWG.
    Either the supplied 20A from Grant Fidelity was overkill and it only needs 15A cables, or it somehow does need a 20A cable. I'm not sure which.

    double edit: Since I can't find 20A I may just have to go with these 15A hospital grades. They look essentially the same as the 'SoniKLEER' and 'Ironlung Jellyfish' that people were big on back in the day (more googling.) I think those companies probably did a good job of fooling everyone into paying more for these standard cables.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2019
  2. fokta
    Have to re-post in this thread..

    Nice thread , already sight seeing there.... u are offering options for people.... If only these cable have demo unit to be tested.... it will be a paradise place for me to visit

    no. 037, KZ SPC mmcx 3.5 SE, previously I used it for my Polaris over the ALO Copper, due to Prefer Sound signature.... Wide Soundstage, and reduce the bass punch, better clarity. Was suggested by a friend. Now, a bit oxide in some part. but Sound wise not change

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  3. 00birdy
    I heard back the following from one of the cable companies I emailed, looks like I'm just going to go with the hospital grade one posted above. I guess my cable is either mis-marked 20A or they did the conversion wrong for euro spec or something.

    "Both the 5-15 plug and the C13 connector have a max rating of 15 amps. So, no matter if the cable’s gauge is 12/3 or 14/3 it can’t be rated any higher than 15 amps. A 20 amp 5-15/C13 cord doesn’t exist."
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2019
  4. Dsnuts Contributor
    A bit of an observation on my experiences with the cables that I have purchased from aliexpress. It seems to me while there is value in most of these cables. I want to say the most value tier/ bang for bucks is easily at around the $40-$80 range for the cables.

    What I mean by this. The cheaper $10-$40 cables all perform to a certain limit. I would say most of this tier of cables are most definitely an upgrade from anything stock most manufacturers provide with included earphones. It is the middle tier the $40-$80 cables that seem to have the best bang for the money. Out of the 8 or so cables I bought from 11.11 sales and previous dozen or so cables. It came down to 2 cables that really performed better than I expected. The 8 core pure silver from Lunashops at $70 and another SPC cable I bought for $51 that both turned out to be much more sonically than expected. This tier of cables seem to separate themselves easily from the cheaper tier cable and are not much different from higher end cables. The cables in the $80- plus range.

    Really not much different from the middle tier cable. In fact my worst value cable turned out to be this one. [​IMG]

    Currently at $160- $116 from vendors a 7N 4 core pure silver cable.
    Truth be told I like my 8 core pure silver cable I bought from lunashops better than this one. This one is not bad but not at the similar value of the Lunashops cable.
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  5. Jarmel
    Are there any cheap 4pin IEM cables? I'm trying to find some to replace my stock JH Audio cables and it's insane that they're now charging more for the basic ones.
  6. Dsnuts Contributor
    Go to www.lunashops.com the have cables you can use. Search for JH audio cable and you will find a bunch. Dont seem to be cheap however.

    Last edited: Jan 7, 2019
  7. mathi8vadhanan
    The newer stock cables are from Moon Audio, hence the bump in price. This is the problem with non standard connectors - less third party options and more expensive.
  8. Eddie C
    Theres an $80 beat audio jh audio cable in buysell section you should take a look at
  9. ForceMajeure
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2019
  10. fokta
    Guys, I am interested in this

    Is it good ? going to pair with SOLARIS... and since all my DAP and cable stock majority 3.5 SE, and just acquired DAP with 4.4 balanced, so thinking to have this so my SOLARIS can be plug to any device I have... is a good investment if the cable is good
  11. Dsnuts Contributor
    Don't know if anyone on the thread has tried that one yet. The variety in the type of terminations is very nice. That is a new cable and due to my experience with Lunashops cables. I would say it would be a safe bet to give that one a try. It is a pure silver variety so sonically it will provide great transparency for the Solaris.

    This is how we find out about cables on this thread. You like what you see. Give it a go. If anything these pure silver cables will still be much cheaper than what the boutique vendors will charge.
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  12. hakuzen
    it looks like the wire used in cable 115 in my list. but i can't confirm it.
    it says pure silver, but guess it's spc.
    if that was the wire used, you can find 4 cores version cable cheaper (8 cores in reality, because they use the shield layer and the interior sleeved layer of each core).

    yes, that's a good spc wire (check 130, 131,, and 132 cables in my list).
    but someone told that those big angled jacks were a bit stressing for the sockets.

    my list.
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  13. fokta
    I see... understood... if I am not mistaken, MEE Cable have this, but the price is almost double, as I remember, That's why I back off.. but this is will be a budget Savior for guys that have multi device...

    Can you explain a bit detail regarding the sockets ? to big ? to heavy ?
  14. hakuzen
    i've not tried it myself. and don't remember who told me that about this cable.
    but you can check the size of the adapter plugs: long in the jack side (the angle is at around 2cm of the source socket), long in the wire side. it's big.
    guess you won't get issues if you take care of it, or if used at desktop. as portable, it's not ideal.
    the expensive version has smaller plugs, but heck, it's 2x the price.
  15. blackdragon87
    i had a zy cable for my hd 600. i thought it was a great cable for the low price. got rid of it though when i upgraded to the blue dragon
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