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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. fokta
    I see. Well it's a good cable right ?
    Let's just think about it...
  2. hakuzen
    yes, it is. i own 3 cables which use same wire (130, 131, 132). great conductivity and nice look.
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  3. fokta
    Forgot the most crucial question... Is the cable have microphonic effect ???
  4. ForceMajeure
    At first, looking at that wire on luna indeed looked similar to the DMG's, including the shielding that would have been used as the ground.
    but they measured it there with a caliper and theirs is 1.59mm. I just measured mine on the DMG and it's 1.72mm. So I think it might be a different one.

    Also I want to praise the work you have done.This is very impressive and much appreciated. Thank you and thank everyone in this thread.
    Talking about ergonomics of a cable is important as well and tbh is usually my first concern when buying a cable and this is a great thread to find this out. I hope you guys keep mentioning how soft a cable you receive is, how annoying it can be using it etc...

    BTW my measurement for the andromeda cable are L+ 0.6, R+ 0.6, L- 0.6, R- 0.6 ohms
    the DMG cable is L+ 0.5,R+ 0.5, L-0.8, R- 0.8 ohms

    I have no idea how you get such low values on most cables you measure, I am using a regular multimeter though not the same battery resistance device you use that is probably more accurate
  5. hakuzen
    thank you so much for the compliments and for your measurements.
    i started using a resistance tester for vaping devices and coils (it had to be near 0.01ohms resolution; measures from 0 to 3ohms). then got a full multimeter (UNI-T UT61E) which has 0.01ohms resolution for this range.
    you have to subtract the resistance of your multimeter leads (you get it by touching one lead with the other lead) or to use REL feature if available.
    ended using the battery resistance device, which is even more accurate, and doesn't need to subtract leads resistance (comfortable).
    but even subtracting, we usually don't get low resistance from stock cables.
  6. hakuzen
    no, it's very soft and flexible, even after being so thick, so none or minimal microphonics.
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  7. voxie
    Hi all, can someone recommended a cheapish cable for the Final Audio e4000? Thanks in advance.
  8. duaned
    Fiio LC-3.5B MMCX cable will do the trick.
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  9. voxie
    @duaned , great thanks. Appreciate it.
  10. superuser1
  11. 00birdy
    He does say a wire can affect volume level which I can understand why that would sound better to some people. I have multiple versions of the same tracks because they came from difference sources. Say that one has +.2db more than the other; if you're switching back and forth between the two listening for differences, the louder one may easily sound "better" even if it is just an amplification difference.
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  12. TooPoorForHiFi
    Could anyone link me to a 2.5mm Balance Adapter thats let me use my Balance 2.5mm Cable on standard 3.5 jack
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2019
  13. superuser1
  14. Dsnuts Contributor
  15. fokta
    Regarding this adapter, I heard / read that this adapter create color to the sound... but I dont understand in a good or bad way...
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