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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. hakuzen
    198. eac 7n scc frz lz (copper,eagle,MV)
    frozen 7n single crystal copper litz. PE sheath.
    structure: 0.06mm*7*7(.139s/.42mm/25.7AWG) per core; 22.7AWG (~90mΩ!) per signal, if 8 cores.
    geometry is shown in the pic below. in this case, litz looks properly removed before soldering.
    eagle true rhodium plated plug (over gold plating); superb quality plug, there is a big difference between these components (jack, divider, slider), and those used in any other chi-cable from my list; the plug costs over $14, while others cost $2-3. good strain reliefs.
    mmcx, 2pins, QDC, and other terminations, together with 2.5, 3.5, 4.4mm plugs, available. you can also ask for other terminations, like 2.5mm or 3.5mm plugs for headphones, and not ear molded guides (search for desired plugs in their stock).
    flexible wire, at least the 4 cores version. more flexible than up-occ cables.
    my first try in this cable (not burn-in) shows huge bass. lot of rumble. this makes the cable the darkest from the electro acousti cables i've tried. there is good detail in mids and treble, but due to bass presence, the overall result is warm.
    i'm in love with up-occ wires, because of their deep sound stage and black background, and tight and detailed bass (personal preference): this wire doesn't reach the high mark up-occ has set, although it is close.
    i'd recommend this cable for bassheads, or for trying to get a darker sound from your excessively bright source+phones combo.
    i'll update my impressions when i spend more time with this cable.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    8 cores version:

    4 cores version: 167..164..164..174 mΩ..[23.8g]..76..71 pF..[113cm]
    outer diameter: 4mm. length from splitter: 40cm.

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  2. hakuzen
    i apologize for not getting the time to add comments and pics of the two budget cables in the batch before 11.11 sales end.
    however, complete measurements have been added to the database.
    of course, stage is not as deep as with up-occ wires, and they are in another league.
    they are:

    - cable 090 (nicehck 4n ofhc -copper-). https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000097502378.html
    090. hck 4n ofc 4c (copper,furt,M): 177.. 202..193..190 mΩ..[24.9g]..92..89 pF..[127cm]
    nice looking affordable cable. good amount of bass. the result is warm. typical decent (and honest) copper cable.
    it is very soft and ultra flexible wire.

    - cable 196, electro acousti offer of 6n occ hybrid silver plated copper + copper. https://www.aliexpress.com/item/4000009633191.html
    196. eac 6n occ+spc litz 4c (silver+copper,eagle,MV): 167..168..296..288 mΩ..[22.1g]..76..71 pF..[116cm]
    as you can see, copper is used for positive signals, and spc (thinner) for negative.
    perception of tonality is what expected. full bass and airy treble. balanced. good highs detail.
    very good hybrid one, although i miss the deep stage of more expensive up-occ wires.
    with these wires, you feel the sound closer to you.
    it is very soft and ultra flexible wire.
  3. fokta
    That's pretty....
    even the 4 core seems thick and lovely... your measurement show that it was very good material used...
    looking forward for further impression...
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  4. rurika
    Just ordered 198 8 cores last night. My AuAg + AuAG gold plate still on the way and should arrive in the next few day.

    The shipping from China lately takes more time than I expected. Normally it would takes about 2 weeks in total but lately it takes 3 weeks or more. Some of my order take more or about a month.
    Hope this cable ... will be here in late Nov.
    Last edited: Nov 11, 2019
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  5. PreetyAdrian

    Is 192. similar to cable 090?
  6. ratdog
    Sorry for the noob question but I'm looking to get a replacement cable for Tin T2's and Blon 3's. I'm confused on 2.5, 3.5, 4.4, balanced, non balanced, etc...I will be using primarily with Android smartphones. Which should I get?
  7. yorosello
    3.5 output if you're going to use it on your phone
  8. hakuzen
    the look of the wire is almost identical (although they are different). both are ultra soft and flexible.
    my first impression is bigger soundstage with 192, and maybe better highs.
    i think the litz was not completely removed before soldering in 192, because of the discrepancy between measurements of the naked wire and the cable. that's why resistance of 090 is better.
    plugs are also better in 192.
    anyways, 090 is a very good copper cable for that price.
    i'd like to do further AB between these both and 168 (all them great copper cables in similar price segment), but my time is very limited now.
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  9. ratdog
    So it looks like the consensus is that the addition of the mic degrades sound quality. Is there any tests that have been done to back this up?
  10. staticV3
    Simply adding one more wire and putting a mic/remote on there can't and won't reduce sound quality. What I could imagine is that since most/all mics are designed in such a way that the signal wire for the side it is on is also passed through it, maybe some signal degradation can happen there. However, the effect would probably be tricky to measure and impossible to hear.

    I think the consensus that mics give you worse sound quality is somewhat misunderstood. It's not that including one will degrade quality, but that cables with a mic are generally of a lower quality since they target another audience, one that cares more about convenience than absolute sound quality.
    That being said, I found this cable with a mic that looks pretty premium:
    US $24.57 37%OFF | Whizzer MMCX Upgrade Cable 6N OCC Single Crystal Copper Dedicated for A15 Fiio Sony with Mic Volume Control Applies Original
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
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  11. rurika
    20191112_164213.jpg 20191112_175703.jpg
    My 183 (8cores) just arrive today. The first thing I notice after switch to this cable is ... vocal is come more forward than 171 or 175.
    Wondering how it's going to be if use pcocc copper(171) for negative signal instead of AuAG cable.

    The gold plate is work very nicely on this cable.
    For overall I like 171. If I want more detail and slightly bass response I would go for 175 but if I want vocal to come forward I would go for this cable (183). It still have details like 175.

    Dang!! I should order this one for 1.5m (my regular length for IEM cables). 1.2m is too short IMO

    Well, if someone want to order this cable for 2pin 0.78mm + 4.4mm. PM me. I might order a new one 1.5m for myself.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
  12. thejoker13
    Very, very nice cable collection man! I LOVE my Electroacoustic cables and can't recommend them enough!
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  13. hakuzen
    you got the full collection of best electro acousti cables, IMO.
    you are the second people who tell this about mids. it is very interesting.
    maybe the deeper sound stage, more layered sound, places the mids not so close to the listener in 175 (but still very detailed).
    many cheap cables bring mids closer to you, but also every frequency. i love the depth when using up-occ wires.
    or AuAg alloy enhances upper mids and highs, and copper enhances bass, and the mids seem recessed in the resulting v-shape.
    now i ought to do further AB between 175 and 183 (and maybe 171 and 174), focusing on location of mids and tonal balance.
    i've not decided yet my fav between 175 and 183. barely tried 183 for an hour. fantastic cables, in all cases.
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  14. yorosello
    Where can i get those?
  15. thejoker13
    Electro acousti Store
    The store is called Electro acoustic, and can be found on Aliexpress. All of their cables are of the highest quality and with premium materials used, as well as hand crafted craftsmanship. They aren't cheap, but you get what you pay for.

    *edit* I'm on mobile and I don't believe it'll let me share a good link. Maybe another member that isn't using mobile could share a working link for their store.
    Last edited: Nov 12, 2019
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