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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. SinisterDev
    Anyone able to help me with this?
  2. thejoker13
    THAT IS G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S!! Congrats on your incredible cable!
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  3. superuser1
    sound impressions etc please :D
    and they look fantastic!
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  4. yancem
    I've noticed that everyone seems to be purchasing their cables on aliexpress but it seems that some of the same cables are also on Amazon. Being from the states and having a Prime membership, is there a reason not to order from Amazon? Or the cables just similar looking but not the same quality?
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  5. Dsnuts Contributor
    You are right it is the same vendors that are selling off of Amazon. However. I haven't seen the prices actually being better on Amazon. Most of the times the same cable on Aliexpress will be much cheaper. The negative being the wait times but there is much less risk when it comes to cables vs something like headphones bought from over seas. If you know what your looking for. Aliexpress has sales all the time where the same cable you would see on Amazon are half the price.
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  6. Keputs
    Hi SinisterDev.

    Are you referring to this KZ cable on your ZSX? Well, I'm not having any fitting problems on my ZSX at all. It actually hugs my ears comfortably. Perhaps different ears, different fit. Maybe JCALLY has one. I'm actually looking at one of their 16 cores. 20190919_200357.jpg
  7. RikudouGoku
    Just got my cable: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/400...9.0&pvid=d9eac49e-dcf4-4f7b-934c-fca5c90b4bda

    awesome sound quality, the cable itself is a bit on the soft side(too soft for my taste) and thin ( would want a 8 core version of this, this is 4 core).

    The only real bad thing is that the chinslider doesnt work at all, like If you hold the cable up the slider goes down and if you hold the cable upside down the cable goes up. ( I do not use chinsliders so it doesnt matter to me)

    Sidenote I asked the seller to change to these plugs instead: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/1000007390678.html?spm=a2g1y.12024536.productList_48890756.pic_21 (the plugs are the same as the default only the material is metal instead of plastic, judging by the pictures at least)
    And these plugs do not fit entirely on my KXXS sadly.( still works but sticks up a bit)
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  8. RikudouGoku
    @hakuzen Bro, is cable 175 still your favourite? Might be interested in buying it since I liked their budget one. :grin:

    edit: And do you prefer carbon fiber or sandalwood for the connector and "divider" (not sure if its called divider but thats what it is listed as) and what about Rhodium-plated plugs vs normal plugs?

    edit2: Can I ask the seller to make the cables with earhooks?
    Last edited: Sep 19, 2019
  9. 1Q84
    i see you have T800, can you give impressions with these vs the stock SPC. Thanks!
  10. RikudouGoku
    @hakuzen Does Electro acousti Store have a sale on 11/11?
  11. RikudouGoku
    my cable is 0.78 mm 2 pin so cant lol
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  12. CobraMan
    If you check out this post you will find hakuzen's favorites spelled out: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/resistance-of-cables-pics-comments-and-links.907998/#post-14985614

    Hope this helps.

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  13. 1Q84
    You have a very valid point!:ksc75smile:
    Well, I read kxxs has a really bad stock cable, but impressions compared to that would also be appreciated.:beerchug:
  14. RikudouGoku
    I didn't even try the stock cable, I used an old trn 8 Core cable. And because the trn is 3,5 and not 4,4 mm balanced I feel it is not fair to compare so I didn't do it.
  15. Krassi
    Hi there!

    And first of all a big THANKS! to Hakuzen for this impressiv thread that really helps to find a good cable.
    Actually made me aware that there are huge differences in Quality.

    So i wanted something nice for my new Tin P1 and it ended in the question "175 or 174" :wink:
    I got both the P1 and the Electro Acousti 8 core pure silver cable "174" today.

    -Build quality is amazing but i am not sure if pure silver was the right decission.
    The headphones need some burning and i am not sure if there is a strong difference between some 16core copper i also got and this right now.
    -i Need to do some Testing and actually the headphone will work on the E1DA PowerDACv2 and 9038S G2.
    -i can EQ the hell out of the headphone on the PowerDACv2 with bluetooth smartphone app but first lets see how it sounds in some days after some pink noise waterboarding :wink:

    price seems highon Paper first... but as you mentionend Hakuzen.. youll get a very good craftet product that uses excellent components.
    SO this thread made me a litle poorer but happy :wink:)

    I just hope 174 will work great .. i listen to a lot of electronic music like the orb, matthey herbert and stuff thats not so bass heavy.. also NuJazz, Classical Game Soundtracks.. and so on.
    Otherwise ill have to try and refund for 175 ot the silver/gold one.

    Best regards Daniel!

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