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Low end. Cheap. Generic. Otherwise bang for buck cable thread!

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  1. Jsingh4
    Also these are claimed to be 8N and 12N handmaid.
    1341145415510631242.jpg -1428847102794187519.jpg
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  2. hakuzen
    guess they mean 8 cores and 12 cores
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  3. subwoof3r
    Just received my 165 today :)
    Cable looks beautiful but we are far of 1.2m of lenght... mine is extremely short :/ @hakuzen do you have this issue too?
    Can't give a try yet as I need to remove earguides first to give a try with my usual earbuds. I did tried before and sound looks to be OK but I can't have the right seal (my ears seems to not support around ears designed cables).
    More impressions later then
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  4. FastAndClean
    i just got nicehck 16 core pure copper cable and i must say the quality is amazing, the cable is with tight braid and that makes it with the same thickness like the cheap TRN 8 core cable, it smells nice too
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  5. hakuzen
    didn't measure it before.. did it now, and you are right, mine is 117cm, including plugs, 112cm between plugs. it's in the short side
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  6. Matthew420
    I apologize if this is already asked and answered, but y'know…106 pages is a lot.

    Does anybody know whether any of these cables are available in a short configuration for use in conjunction with a Bluetooth receiver worn in a shirt pocket or clipped to a collar?
  7. subwoof3r
    Not sure why but after properly removing earguides on my 165, I don't have the right seal on my usual reference earbuds.
    Maybe it could be due to the angled MMCX connectors (which rotates like crazy btw, not a fan of this), so it means that I don't have the right bass quantity I usually have.
    Hope to find a solution in the next few days :frowning2:
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  8. Broquen
    After trying them I think that this kind of connectors (mmcx angled) are usable only when weared over the ears. Did not try to remove earguides because of it.
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  9. hakuzen
    didn't see any, not usual. but you can ask for it to sellers which allow customizing your cable, like Gu Craftsman (cables 133) and maybe others.
    if you like a particular cable, ask the seller for the chance to get a shorter version.
  10. Broquen
    Have you taken a look at FiiO short cables like BS one? I don't like too much the sound of B (did not try C or D ones), but the construction is very solid (B, C & D are equivalent to conductor quality D>C>B and the S behind means "short" model).
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  11. subwoof3r
    Ok finally good news, I'm able to now have proper seal with my buds, it was just a story of foams used and better adjusting to ears :)

    After spending the almost 2 days with it, I can say this 165 is truely my new favorite!
    Soundstage is the biggest I've ever listened from any other cable, instrument separation is the best, sound is so natural and impressively SO transparent. I feel like it sounds a bit brighter in the mids and highs especially (maybe I was too used of 125 until now).
    Details are at an extreme level. Now I understand why UPOCC have damn good reputation and all the hype from @hakuzen, I completely agree! they are now my favorite material for cables too :D

    Also, I really like the overall look of this 165, mine has black Y-splitter and black plug due to the 3.5mm option, but it definitely looks very premium (sturdy and well finished jack, and "massive" Y-splitter). I really enjoy all elements from this cable, and the fact it is less stiffer (and thicker) than 125.
    Very pleasant to manipulate too.
    My only cons on is that it is a shorter cable. I will measure soon from my side too, but overall it looks less than promised 1.2m.
    Anyway, I will make a full review of this cable very soon, so stay tuned.

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  12. Matthew420
    I’ll probably get one of the B Fiio cables if I end up keeping my MMCX earphones. But I’m likely to switch over to just .78 two-pin.
  13. Palash
    Another ISN Cable listed in Penon audio, ISN S4.
    4 strands, single strand is 63 cores, a total of 252 cores.
    Specs looks promising. Using ISN S8 with DM6 and its too good. Now this S4 looks dope.

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  14. subwoof3r
    Took two pics at work to show you my 165 :) (coupled with Smabat ST-10 earbuds)



    I'm so happy with it and very glad to have it in my cables collection!
    Thank you @hakuzen to initiate me to UPOCC/Litz cables :)
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  15. hakuzen
    wire used could be the same than cable 128 (great quality; in this case, the price is better in this ISN S4 cable), or than cable 065 (in this case, the price is worse, but better plugs)

    thanks to you for trusting my impressions!
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