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Lotoo PAW Gold Touch - Touchscreen, 4.4mm Bal, USB DAC, Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by EagleWings, Mar 28, 2018.
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  1. gazzington
    Atlas better than z1r?
  2. jmills8
    Atlas Campfire ? If it cost 99 USD then go for it.
  3. cooperpwc
    Better suggests objective truth. I will avoid that. To my taste, it is more desirable, especially with the collection of IEMs that I already have.

    The Sony is excellent, a detail monster, although the CA Atlas has tighter instrument placement. The sound of the CA Atlas is compelling.
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 4, 2019
  4. mwhals
    My questions seem to not get answered on the UI, so let me lay them out differently as maybe people aren't reading the paragraph form.

    1. When selecting genre, does it go to songs or to artists?
    2. Does artist search by album artist or artists?
    3. Will the LPGT do folder play through?

    Thanks. It is between the LPGT and Cayin N8 at this point.
  5. cooperpwc
    I only use the Folder browser and Search functions, but at a quick glance:

    1. There is no Genre function
    2. It certainly searches by Artist since that is what I use. I only use Album Artist for compilations; in that case, it is searching on the Artist name (not "Various", which is the Album Artist).
    3. No. It only plays within a Folder. Well, it is actually playing within a current 'Playlist' which is automatically created when you select a song within a Folder. You can then add other Folders manually to the current Playlist. You can also add an entire Artist to the current Playlist. So that is a kind of multi-Folder.

    Hope that this helps.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2019
  6. mwhals
    Thanks. That is perfect!
  7. cooperpwc

    FYI I am also a Genre guy. But my Folders are organised Genre / Artist / Album. So the Folder browser is doing what I need.
    mwhals likes this.
  8. mwhals
    All my Christmas albums are in a folder called Christmas/Artist/Album/Song while the rest of my music is just Artist/Album/Song. The exception is compilations like soundtracks that are under Various/Album/Song, with Various being used as the artist.
  9. cooperpwc
    Question for anyone (and especially anyone who has used an IEM both single ended and balanced on the LPGT):

    Given the reputed similarity between the 3.5mm SE and 4.4mm balanced sockets on the LPGT, can I expect any tangible benefit from getting CA's 4.4mm balanced cable for the Atlas?
  10. cooperpwc
    I got a 512GB SD when I upgraded to the LPGT so that I could go portable with my lossless files. I faced what you are facing: those files were just Artist / Album (because Facets in Foobar is so transparent in browsing on Genre tags...)

    Admittedly I have too much time on my hands, but converting over was not too painful. Maybe a couple of hours of work during which I became richly reacquainted with my music collection. :ksc75smile: For me, the LPGT is worth the effort.
    Last edited: Oct 4, 2019
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  11. mwhals
    I too have all my lossless on one card (and multiple other places :) ) With Christmas already set up as a genre, it would not be too hard for me to the convert. I just do not like the idea of splitting up albums by the same artists into separate genres. I don't have too many like that, but it does happen. It definitely happened with the Christmas genre, but I only listen to it about a month a year (unlike my wife who does year round).
  12. Audiophonicalistic
    The biggest gain I’ve noticed going 4.4 on lpgt is quieter background. Solaris is a hiss monster and is pretty dead quiet on 4.4. Other than that I sometimes prefer the sound out of 3.5 on the lpgt. All of these differences are small. I think twister 6 said both sound very similar as well.

    But this hobby we like to try things so I’d say try a balanced cable stand see for yourself!
    cooperpwc likes this.
  13. cooperpwc
    Damn! This is the worst possible answer! :L3000: :ksc75smile:

    You are right though. Eventually I will have to give the 4.4m cable a shot.

    No rush. Something to look forward to. :beerchug:
    Audiophonicalistic likes this.
  14. Indeez
    I have both 3.5- and 4.4-ended Pure Silver Litz cables for Atlas and I can refer to the most recent from here (written by Deezel177, 01.05.2019) - https://www.head-fi.org/showcase/lotoo-paw-gold-touch-lpgt.23491/reviews. Particularly section "Balanced vs. Single-Ended" describes somewhat like what I'm experiencing. Though for my untrained hearing difference is subtle. I would describe it like we have the same amount of sound which is dense from 3.5 output and sparse from 4.4 one. Both - 3.5 and 4.4 - are engaging.
  15. cooperpwc
    Thank you. Your description and the referenced quote from @Deezel177 answer my question well. I am going to enjoy the original cable for a while on principle. But the described change in sound from balanced - greater separation in the soundstage - appeals. I will get the balanced cable eventually.
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