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Lotoo PAW Gold Touch - Touchscreen, 4.4mm Bal, USB DAC, Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by EagleWings, Mar 28, 2018.
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  1. gazzington
    I'm jealous just thinking of all that music listening time
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  2. soundblast75
    The only problem i have is the slow load of artwork as i browse by Album, some artwork doesn't show, nothing they won't address with a future updates. Otherwise i keep LPGT for its ability to play great from 3.5 too, all other daps you need balanced for best sound
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  3. KPzypher
    Although I respect your views, I don't think balanced output is a must for IEMs. Most IEMs are efficient enough to be well driven from a smartphone, let alone a SE output on a DAP. Full size cans, I agree. Not a big fan of LPGT's UI, but I love the sound, enough to overlook the crappy UI logic. It's sounds soooooooooo clean.
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  4. soundblast75
    Point was on other daps balanced sounds better no matter iem or can, here, 3.5 is equal, that's a big plus
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  5. cooperpwc
    Fellow LPGT users, I am itching to get a new set of TOTL IEMs to use with my Touch. These will augment my FAD Lab1, a dual BA no-crossover design with an amazing sound stage. I am biased towards dynamic for this go-around. Perfect phasing for a 3D sound stage is still a priority.

    So... Audeze LCD-i4 or Sony IER-Z1R? Or other?
  6. mrhizzo
    Thank you very very much. I will try this and see if gets more in my taste (in the bass). I really appreciate the help.
  7. mrhizzo
    Thank you for the help also. This will be very helpful. I hope to finally learn. :p
  8. robbi22
    Try Campfire Audio Solaris)
  9. Audiophonicalistic
    Thinking the same thing. Campfire Solaris pairs wonderfully and is very quiet with hiss
  10. Indeez
    I have CA Atlas (DD) and CA Solaris (Hybrid). While I like both ones, CA Atlas is definitely versatile for me - from both sound and physical implementation viewpoints. I can listen to CA Atlas any genre and am satisfied any time (and with different ATE settings). CA Solaris, on the other hand, I can listen to mostly with ATE Style 990 and in rare cases with ATE Sweet only. They are inappropriate for me with ATE None and others. Its holographic property is debatable for me. I'm not impressed by its depth of soundstage. With CA Atlas I tend to feel like I'm sitting in concert hall, with CA Solaris - I'm on the scene. I prefer to listen music while I'm in concert hall. Or in front of speakers. I listen to CA Solaris most time when I'm at home and CA Atlas - in other cases (on the street, in office, on travel). In sum, CA Atlas is my love, no doubt. CA Solaris is still candidate to be my love.
  11. KPzypher
    Z1R. Great pairing, particularly with your PMEQ setting :gs1000smile::L3000:
  12. mwhals
    Does the LPGT when selecting artist use the album artist and does it then go to albums under that artist? When selecting genre, does it go to artists and then to albums? I am curious how the menus drill down as the song menu seems to list all songs in order by file name.
  13. soundblast75
    Mine are for sale☺️
  14. mwhals
    Surely someone can answer these questions easily.
  15. cooperpwc
    Thanks for all the advice on a new TOTL IEM, guys. I appreciate it.

    I have heard the CA Solaris and it is excellent. But it is not what I am looking for. The combination of 2 BAs and 2 dynamic drivers is interesting - and I know that Ken and all have done a great job of integration - but it is still not quite the perfect phasing that can only come from a single driver, no-crossover system. Anyway, I have owned multi-BA IEMs (Westone ES5). I have been looking for something different.

    For sure this is a great recommendation! In fact, this was an IEM that I tested with the LPGT in Hong Kong. I must have liked it because I bought the Touch. :) Sony have gone to great lengths to integrate the sound path of the 3 drivers by building them inline; this is clever and the result is impressive. But the sound still reminds me a bit of my Lab 1. I really wanted to go full dynamic to have something completely different.

    This post was inspirational! I was misled in Hong Kong into thinking that Campfire Audio has abandoned a pure dynamic driver design. It seems that Letsgo Audio does not carry the Atlas, only the other multi-driver CA IEMs. :wink: Once I read your post, I did my research on this upgrade from the Vega. In addition to your good words, people like Currawong and others that I respect were singing high praise for the the Atlas. So I went to hear it for myself.

    I first heard a different expensive single dynamic driver IEM at a store here in Shanghai. The FAudio Major is an IEM out of Hong Kong. The guy in the store assured me that it is famous and well regarded. I would describe it as truly underwhelming. Finally I found the CA Atlas at a different local store (Soundluck). I plugged it into my LPGT and... it frankly just sucked me in. I sat there for more than hour bouncing around my music. The neutral signature of the LPGT and the V-shaped signature of the CA Atlas have good synergy. The combination also creates a crisp 3D soundstage with excellent instrument placement. That is the beauty of the Touch's resolution combined with the large single dynamic driver in the Atlas, delivering all frequencies in perfect phase. This is exactly what I was seeking. Concert hall indeed!

    (I also had the opportunity to compare the Atlas to the Sennheiser IE800S, another single dynamic driver IEM. I handed the IE800S back after about 10 minutes of back and forth; the Atlas sounds so much better. The comparison really demonstrated how wonderfully transparent the CA Atlas is driven by the LPGT.)

    The price was good for a sealed box from the official distributor. The recent rise of the US$ against the RMB probably helped.

    Yep, I bought it. :ksc75smile:

    Ever the tinkerer, I have started to play with a couple of PMEQ settings based on the frequencies in my signature, but in this case to reduce upper bass while leaving the the sub-bass intact. It is still early, but it seems that it may be desirable to do that by 0.5 or 1.0 dB with some music, and at other times I will just leave the signature flat. I will post on this later as it is an experimental work in progress. I sure do love the Blackfin-driven PMEQ on the LPGT (and LPG)! It gives such flexibility.

    Thanks again everyone. I did another two hour session today after I bought the Atlas. The LPGT + Campfire Audio Atlas is a combination that has me very happy.
    Last edited: Oct 7, 2019
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