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Lotoo PAW Gold Touch - Touchscreen, 4.4mm Bal, USB DAC, Bluetooth

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by EagleWings, Mar 28, 2018.
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  1. Deano1974
    Hey Nayparm my LPGT arrives tomorrow, can you please show a photo of what settings you use in PEQ please

  2. Nayparm
    Sorry missed your post, i can upload pics bit don't think they will play well with you cans or ears.
  3. Nayparm
    PAW Gold Touch Firmware Version

    1. UI optimization:
    Full function XRC in audio settings.
    Random algorithm optimization.
    Add over current protection in USB audio mode.
    Confirmation is required when switching to line output.
    Password are masked when typing.
    Guidance added when entering playlist for the first time.
    2. System optimization:
    Fix the bug that, when playing a multi-track cue file in gapless mode, any seek(FF/FB) action will jump back to the beginnig of the song.

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  4. Whitigir

    Nice to see that Lotoo do keep up on developing their own “algorithms” and keep on improving it. It is very important for customized DSP-IC
  5. Deano1974
    True, but would be good for a newbie to get an idea of what's required, how things work, but only if it's not to much trouble for you

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  6. Nayparm
    IMG_20190916_123609.jpg IMG_20190916_123617.jpg IMG_20190916_123624.jpg IMG_20190916_123631.jpg IMG_20190916_123639.jpg IMG_20190916_123645.jpg IMG_20190916_123650.jpg IMG_20190916_123653.jpg IMG_20190916_123701.jpg IMG_20190916_123705.jpg IMG_20190916_123718.jpg IMG_20190916_123710.jpg
  7. Nayparm
    IMG_20190916_123725.jpg IMG_20190916_123733.jpg IMG_20190916_123738.jpg IMG_20190916_123742.jpg IMG_20190916_123750.jpg IMG_20190916_123755.jpg IMG_20190916_123800.jpg IMG_20190916_123804.jpg
  8. cooperpwc
    This is the first time that there has been a firmware update available when I am at home. I tried the Online-Update. Well golly, it works! :ksc75smile:

    I can see immediately that Sorting in the current Playing List is greatly improved. It is still not perfectly fluid but much better. I am happy here.
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  9. cooperpwc
    Anyone who has been using the XRC function routinely is going to be shocked at how it has changed. I previously complained that it created an in-your-face effect, bringing everything sharp and forward, and flattening the soundstage.

    Not anymore. They did more than just introduce settings. Even at maximum effect, it is quite subtle now. And so far I am thinking that I like it.

    With PCM to DSD set to ON, and the DSD upsampling set to the lower setting of 5.6MHZ, it seems to bring a slight focus to the elements in the soundstage without otherwise disturbing the placement and 3-dimensional effect. With DSD upsampling set to 11.2MHZ, it is a bit stronger in the sharpening effect but still quite okay in the soundstage.

    It does make me wonder what was going on before?
    Last edited: Oct 23, 2019
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  10. Deano1974
    Wow that's excellent, thank you so much, very appreciated

  11. jmills8
    Now make a video.
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  12. parabellum777
    Thanks for sharing.
    I have just upgraded to this new version and now the PMEQ and XRC options have no effect.
    The PMEQ option doesn´t show up in the status bar even if I have a PMEQ settings created and the private scheme selected. The sound doesn´t change.
    Besides, if I press the XRC option the sound doesn´t change either. It´s useless.
    Just after the upgrade the PMEQ words were in the status bar. Then I deleted the scheme selected and created a new one with other PMEQ settings. After that I´m not able to make it work again.
    Is there anything I am missing? Is anyone having the same troubles?
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2019
  13. parabellum777
    By the way, I tried to go back to the previous firmware version and it seems it is not possible to do so.
    I´ve made a reset to factory settings and now I can feel a really subtle change in sound profile when the XRC is on. But I´m not able to use PMEQ settings yet.
  14. cooperpwc
    My PMEQ settings are working fine, the same as before. (I can't speak to the presets as I deleted all of them. A cool feature of the LPGT is that you can delete unwelcome PMEQ/ATE settings and they disappear until you choose to restore them.)

    The XRC is indeed subtle now, but it does still do something. My track for testing changes in the soundstage is Talking Head's The Great Curve, which has crazy layered rhythms and vocals. This track reveals that the changes are there, most evident when doing PCM > DVD conversion.

    Speaking of which, this is the XRC setting that is intriguing me now, i.e. staying in PCM but upsampling to 384 Khz. Now this is really subtle but it adds a touch of boldness to the instruments. I do not know how else to describe it.

    XRC small 2.jpg
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  15. cooperpwc
    @parabellum777 If PMEQ is not appearing in the status bar, you should do a Reset. It is the last line in the main Settings screen. Your OS is messed up and rebooting will almost certainly solve your problem.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2019
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