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Lotoo PAW 5000: Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by pekingduck, May 6, 2015.
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  1. tunes
    Does this device have optical out to feed FLAC files to another external DAC?
  2. Hugs and Kisses
    Has a Line Out/SPDIF.
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  3. Blazer39
    anyone knows how to open lotoo 5k mkii?
    i have problem with the jog wheel, its not responding well and navigation in it kinda of a chore now.
    i assume its hardware issue, was hoping maybe can fix it by hand
  4. smorgar
    Im thinking of getting the mk2 but are the firmware/software bugs fixed? I read about a few dealbreaking bugs like it hangs and needs to be resetted etc but that was many fw versions ago.

    My guess is that there will be no mk3 since the reveal of the Paw 6k. $1000 is still tio much for me...
  5. lafeuill
    Didn't notice any bug on my P5000 mk2, and I've had it for quite a while. Can you redirect me to what you read ?
  6. smorgar
    I've been looking and looking but i cant find it. Some guy had huge problems and had to carry a reset-pin since hes player hung quite often. I'ts either in this thread or the obscure chinise daps-thread.
    But if you have no problems, i guess its sorted or he had a bad unit.

    Can i ask how they player holds up today? Does it read metadata from files yet? Like album, artist etc.

    Im torn between the paw 5k mk2 and the ibasso dx120. Totally different players but the dx120 has so much more modern features like reading metadata for example.
  7. HungryPanda
    Mine has never hung, just worked as it should
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  8. Richsvt
    Mine also had never hung, just works all the time. It's a funky UI but once you get adjusted to it, plays like a dream. Serious EQ control if you're into that. Powerful player. Nice footprint, not too small but great for carrying around.
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