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Looking for reviewers for Edifier's W800BT Bluetooth headphones

  1. edifier
  2. Nadham
    I am interested.
  3. NymPHONOmaniac
    Hi Ed:wink:
    as an old reviewer of your wired model (I quite like the muscular M815 at the time, thanks again!)
    ...I can be interested to review the W830BT (W800 look too similar to M815). Have already an eyes on those beauty, wich is why i'm very curious about how they sound.

  4. gLer
    Hi - as a big fan of the Edifier Luna e25 speakers I’d be happy to test and review this pair of BT headphones. I also have a 17-year-old DJ son that will gladly give them a once-over as part of my review.
  5. edifier
    Unfortunately we don't have any W830BT in stock right now. Let me know if you are interested in reviewing the W800 though! Would love to send one over to you :)
  6. philipdharris1
    I would be very interested.
  7. Judge Buff
    PM sent.
  8. audiophilefan
  9. IkSak

    I'm very interested. I sent a PM
  10. ngoshawk
    Excellent! I Still use my P275's for working out. PM will be sent.
  11. Wiljen
    PM on its way from me too. Was really impressed with the last gen of Edifier Bluetooth, cant wait to see what next gen has.
  12. LaughMoreDaily
    Last edited: Jan 31, 2018
  13. cash1489
    I have sent you a PM...thanks!
  14. whitedragon551
    Also interested. I reviewed the H850's for you awhile back.
  15. Wiljen
    Gearbest just sent me the 806bt for review so I may need to bow out as I don't think doubling up on review samples is a good idea. If they are totally different models, then count me in, but if I am reviewing essentially the same item twice, lets save my time and your expense.



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