1. Edifier TWS NB2 ANC Wireless Earbuds

    Edifier TWS NB2 ANC Wireless Earbuds

    https://www.edifier.com/us/en/blogs < Maybe Edifier will promote the product soon! Edifier TWS NB2 - Bluetooth Wireless Active Noise Cancellation TWS True Wireless Stereo Bluetooth Earphones with Gaming Mode | Apps support Headphones | Ambient Monitoring | Good Bass Features Gaming mode...
  2. hj576

    Edifier H850 vs Audio Technica ATH M20X

    So, sadly due to my negligence and stupidity, my Audio Technica M40x left ear cup broke from the head piece. It's dangling from its wire, i tried gluing it back but failed. Sadly Now I need a new set of over ear headphones. This time my budget is lower than last time. I am looking for over ear...
  3. sunshine83

    Edifier S880DB and LG V30+

    Hi everyone, first of all, sorry for my novice question. My logic says yes you're right but I still can't be sure, so decided to ask away here :) I just bought Edifier S880DB bookshelf speakers, they support hi-res audio through optical, coaxial and usb inputs. It also has two more RCA and aux...
  4. R

    Help me create a better way to search for Chinese headphones

    First of all, this is not spam. I'm genuinely trying to build a helpful tool here, and I'l like some feedback from you guys. I extracted a lot of Chinese headphones, and made this search form: https://www.improvado.org/search.php . Many of those search filters can't be found anywhere else, but...
  5. N

    Optimal Win7 Control Panel> Hardware and Sound Bit Depth & Sample Rate?

    i. Do you guys know the Optimal For All Kinds Of Audio Win7 Control Panel> Hardware and Sound's Bit & Hz Settings? ii. Referring to windows control panel sound settings, as I recall in ~2014 I found a site explaining higher sample rate gives the sound along the lines of more height, ie more...
  6. E

    Edifiers S2000 Pro Recommendations

    Hi guys, i bought the Edifiers S2000 Pro, i've been testing them for the last 2 days but i came across some problems: 1 - They sound AMAZING connected via Bluetooth. 2 - They sound terrible connected with balanced cables on the AG06. 3 - They sound good connected with RCA on the AG06. Now...why...
  7. manubuhay

    Takstar HD2000, Edifier H840 or Samson SR850?

    I am looking for a cheap headphone that I can use at home(gaming and music listening), I use a Takstar Pro 82 coupled with the Audio-GD 1128 when I am in the office but I bring my takstar with me at home and use it with my Fiio K1 that I recently just bought but sometimes it gets tedious always...
  8. edifier

    Looking for reviewers for Edifier's W800BT Bluetooth headphones

    Edifier is looking for reviewers to review our W800BT Bluetooth headphones! If you are interested, please message us for more information. http://www.edifier.com/int/en/headphones-earphones/w800bt
  9. edifier

    Black Friday Edifier Deals

    Save up to 50% on Edifier products. Some examples of products on sale are W855BT 42% off. Sale Price: $74.99 W830BT 13% off Sale Price: $69.99 W800BT 20% off Sale Price: $39.99 H880 20% off Sale: $119.99 Click here for more sales from Edifier
  10. edifier

    Edifier Canada Thanksgiving Sale

    Save up to 50% on Edifier's speakers and headphones. Save 26% on the H880 from $179.99 to $129.99 Save $50 on the S1000DB Bookshelf Speaker Set To see our full list of deals click here
  11. edifier

    Save 30% Off Select Earphones from Edifier

    Use coupon code 30OffEars at checkout and save 30% on earphones listed below.    H185 Go to the store page here     P185 Go to store page here     H190 Go to store page here     P190 Go to the store page here
  12. edifier

    Save more than 50% on Edifier's earphone selection on now.

        Start saving on Edifier's best earphones. When it comes to studying nothing is better than having some music on repeat and get to learning. Are you hitting the gym as well? Put on a powerful mix to get you through your most intense workouts.     ]P275 ]   58% off MSRP: $35.99 Sale...
  13. edifier

    Edifier Black Friday Sale On Now From November 25th to November 28th

    Season Greetings! We have slashed the prices off our most popular products on Edifier this year.   Full list of Black Friday Deals US: http://www.edifier.com/us/en/deals   e255 5.1 System Setup   MSRP: $999 USD Sale Price: $799 USD 20%off   Luna HD MSRP: $249.99 USD Sale Price...
  14. edifier

    Big Discount On New Earphones From Edifier

    Hello all Head-Fiers,   For this week only save 30% on both newly launched P281 and H297 from Edifier.    Use coupon code 30OFF281 on Amazon to save 30% on the P281        Use coupon code 30OFF297 on Amazon to save 30% on the H297  
  15. edifier

    Our Best Selling Bookshelf Speakers Available For $99.99

    These simple 2.0 bookshelf speakers, the R1280T, offers a reliable performance you won't find anywhere else. These speakers come with one dual RCA to dual RCA cable AUX line-in inputs. The 4-inch bass driver delivers a great thump in bass for the size. 
  16. edifier

    Edifier P750 Compact and Foldable Design For Travel

        Looking for great headphones that are made for travel? The H750 headphones from Edifier offers the best solution for both high audio quality and portability. These headphones come with a travel bag and a folding design. Easily place them in your bag and you are on your way.  Now with...
  17. edifier

    The P185 earphone is our most unique looking earphones yet.

        Ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort. Listen to your music on the stylish H185 earphones for countless hours. The unique angle lets you hear your music and phone calls better than before. Also available in the P series, the P185 earphones have an inline microphone great for...
  18. edifier

    Chic Style Headphones The P640

      Squared off chic headphones, the P640 headphones from Edifier is designed with a retro flare. Made from a stainless steel headband the P640 is extremely durable and can handle the harshest of stress placed on them. The ear pieces are covered with velvet padding for a soft comfortable feeling...
  19. edifier

    Cellphone, Laptop, and Gaming Headset From Edifier The M710

      Welcome to the most stylish headset from Edifier. The M710 is our most versatile headset yet. The M710 headset is ideal for all sorts of listening devices. Utilize the inline volume slider and mute switch compatible with laptops, desktops, phones, and gaming systems such as the Xbox One and...
  20. edifier

    The Thinnest Sound Bar From Edifier: The B3

        Unleash Your Sensations Edifier's B3 is an ultra slim and sleek sound bar is made with a stylish look and high definition sound. Ideal for movies, tv, and music the B3 sound bar is equipped with four 70mm speaker units for rich lows and mids, as well as, two 19mm tweeters for clear highs...
  21. edifier

    From the Luna Eclipse Line Of Speakers Comes The e255 Wireless Surround Sound 5.1 System

      Spread your home theater system throughout your room. Featuring wireless components, you can arrange Edifier’s e255 without worry of cable clutter.       Adjust your listening experience with the sleek remote accompanying the 5.1 sound system. It also features touch sensitive controls...
  22. edifier

    Our most powerful bookshelf speakers have arrived

    The best sound in bookshelf speakers are here. Experience the all new S1000DB. These speakers have 5.5 inch aluminum bass drivers. These drivers create a surge of bass for anyone looking to get the most from their sound. Find out more click here. Bluetooth 4.0 and aptX The S1000DB comes with...
  23. edifier

    Limited Time Offer Edifier P180 Classic Designed Earbud 33% Off

    Hello Head-Fi!   We are happy to announce that we currently have the P180 Classically Designed Earphones marked down to 35% off for a limited time on Edifier USA.     Get the P180 headphones here for $19.99.   
  24. edifier

    Limited Time Offer Edifier P293 IEM 40% Off

    Hello Head-Fi!   We currently have the P293 IEM headphones marked down 40% off.     Get the P293 headphones here for $35.99.   
  25. edifier

    New From CES 2016 Edifier L3 DAC/AMP and H890 Headphones

    Last year we brought our headphones, IEMs, and gaming headsets to the US. This year at CES 2016 we have made several announcements regarding our portable audio and home speaker systems. The first thing Head-fi users would love to know is that we have announced the L3 portable DAC amp made for...