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Audiophilefan's Reviews

  1. audiophilefan
    Hi Everyone,

    Since the "My Reviews" feature is no longer available in the new platform, I plan to collate my reviews in this thread. I will simply add them as links.

    This is upon the recommendation of the master, @Brooko , and one of the admins, @AxelCloris . I thank you both for your suggestions and for lending a helping hand.

    I imagine the site to be much better as time goes by. In the interim, I'll update this for anyone interested. I'm nowhere near the popularity of Brooko or the masters and I can't imagine anyone noticing, but hey, I'm starting this thread more for my convenience than anything else. Haha! :beyersmile:

    P.S. I'm slowly finding my way back to this beautiful hobby of ours and plan to review a few more products that I had "silently" purchased in my short hiatus. As always, happy listening, everyone!
  2. audiophilefan
    Here's the list (latest first):
    Added latest review up top. :)
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2019

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