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LCD-2 and LCD-3 Owners - which aftermarket cable do you use?

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  1. driftingbunnies
    I don't think you can really go wrong with any of them. You're not going to be hearing an entirely different headphone with different cables so whichever you feel looks the best or whoever you would want to deal with, I would say go in that direction. I've bought multiple cables from Doublehelixcables so I know the quality and have never had problems with it. I also talk to Peter about different things so I'm willing to give my business to him since I know he won't cheat me on quality. I don't have the luxury of trying different cables. I would rather purchase a better amp with that money to be honest.
  2. ninjikiran
    After much use, I decided to unbox the factory default cable.  I don't see how its less detailed, if anything it sounds cleaner which I gather is from less interference.
    This was after a few months...
  3. Wedge
    As compared to what?

  4. Permagrin

  5. ninjikiran
    Going to withhold the name~  but one of the popular cables in this thread.  Going to get the cable checked out though...

  6. kwkarth

    You should not have any interference from anything.  If you do, something is wrong.
  7. ninjikiran
    I don't get any at all with stock cable or any other headphones to reliterate.

  8. Permagrin

    I'm guessing ninjikiran was trying to say it had better conductivity?
  9. DannyBuoy
    I use the V800 and V181 balanced so I needed a balanced cable.
    I bought the Norse Audio 8 Wire and was very happy with the build quality and sound quality of the cable although it is a bit heavy.
    Last week I got the AproditeCU Zeus OCC quad 22 cable and I am really happy with it. It has excellent build quality and is much much lighter than the Norse cable. At the SD meet last weekend I was A/B ing the two cables and I prefer the Zeus sound slightly more too.
    It is more expensive, but I believe I will sell the Norse now...
  10. kwkarth

    I'm not really sure what ninjikiran was trying to say, but there seems to be something wrong with the cable.  It seems more than just a matter of cable differences.
    You should hear the Q-Cable.
  11. Permagrin
    Well for fun I decided to swap in the stock cable on the LCD-2s to see if I could notice a difference since I've been so accustomed to the sound with the ALO cable.

    Although on the total package it's probably only a 5-10% difference it is easily audible. Stock cable has a thinner sound and less attack/decay, just like my initial findings I recall. I really did not notice a db difference so I'm happy with my upgrade. Did I overshoot diminishing returns? Highly probable. :wink:

  12. kwkarth

  13. NWRain
    Does anyone here have aftermarket cables for their LCD-2 that connect to a speaker amp?
  14. grokit
    I do but don't listen to them that way because I find that they don't really scale up with speaker-like power like the HE-6/K1000 does. They do scale up with quality balanced amplification, but a couple of good watts with high current reserves is all you really need.
  15. HK_sends
    Got my single-end adapter for my Black Magic Cable!  Now I am going to go listen.  If I am not back on-line in a few days, then I am either in audio Nirvana or just dead and mummified but still rockin' to the LCD-2s, Schiit Lyr, and Black Magic cable! [​IMG]
    -HK sends
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