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Jun 25, 2018
Oct 15, 2008
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Director of IT - Spend 90% of my day programming business apps.

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100+ Head-Fier, Male

Looking for advice on portable amps May 13, 2017

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Jun 25, 2018
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    Director of IT - Spend 90% of my day programming business apps.
    MUSIC, Astronomy, DIY, Anything Tech
    XBox 360 COD Series, Astronomy - SkyWatcher 130 MM X 600 MM, Baader Hyperion 5 MM
    Headphone Inventory:
    Unique Melody Miracles with Beat Audio Cable, Audeze LCD-2 w/Norse Audio 4 wire cable with Caribean Rosewood splitter and Neutrik Silver 4 Pin XLR, Denon D7000 Markl Mod(SOLD), Audio Technica ATH-W1000X (SOLD), UE Triple.fi 10 w/Null Audio Enyo Silver cable with Viablue plug, Brainwavz M3 IEM, Brainwavz M2 IEM, ATH-A700(SOLD), Sony V-900, Shure 5, UE - Super.fi 5 Pro(SOLD), D5000 w/JMoney Pads (SOLD),
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Audio-gd NFB-6 Balanced-Fully Discreet AMP, Audio-gd NFB-11.32 with 32 Bit USB (SOLD), Violectric V181 (SOLD), WooAudio WA6SE w/Sophia Princess(SOLD), Yamamoto HA-02 (SOLD), Maverick TubeMagic D1(SOLD),HT Omega Claro, M-Audio 404, HifiMan EF2 (SOLD), Sumiko Head Box II (SOLD),
    Source Inventory:
    Audio-gd NFB-1.32 32Bit USB/32 Bit Sabre Balanced DAC, HiSound Studio V 3rd Anniversary Edition, HifiMan HM-601 (SOLD), Violectric V800 (SOLD), Audio-gd NFB-2(SOLD), ProJect RM6a Phono w/ Denon 103 MC Cartridge, Sumiko Talisman, RSA F-117 Nighthawk #001, ProJect Tube Box II, Nationite S:Flo2, Pioneer Elite 47Ai SACD, DVD-A, Cowon D2+, Zen X-fi, Sumiko Blue Oyster Special
    Cable Inventory:
    Headphones - Norse Audio 4 wire with Furutech Silver XLR, Cardas, Twisted Cables-Vortex W\Furutech FP704 (Sold), Interconnects - Moon-Wire - 420, Amphenol Ultra Premium Glass Fiber TOSLINK, Morrow Audio MA-1, Cryoparts USB, AudioQuest Diamond Back, Copperback
    Power-Related Components:
    Furman AC215A, Cullen Cables Gold Reference Power Cords, (2) Audio-gd handmade AC Cables, (3) Jellyfish power cords, 220...225..whatever gets the job done...
    Other Audio Equipment:
    Rotel RSP-1069, Rotel RMB-1075, Quad 22L
    Audio-Related Tweaks:
    Unicorn meat, 3 wolves T-Shirt, and Tuscan Milk
    Dell Precision 490 Workstation with two Quad-Xeon Procs (8 64 bit cores), 12 GB ECC FB RAM, RAID 1-WD Caviar Black 1TB drives and Matrox M9140 Quad Head Video Card and four Samsung monitors (24.5, 24.4, 23, and 32 HD-LCD)
    Technology Geek that loves music, Italian Greyhounds, family, Astronomy and great food.




    Win 7 Music Server with JRiver Media Center->WASAPI w/10ms buffering->Audio GD 32Bit Async USB Driver->Wireworld Silver Starlight USB Cable->Audio-gd NFB1.32 Balanced Sabre DAC 32/384K->Audio-gd ACSS->Audio-gd NFB6 Balanced Amp->Norse Audio 4 wire Balanced Cable W/Furutech XLR->Audeze LCD2 w/DannyBuoy Dynamat Closed Back Mod

    Click to check my Facebook Account:DanRGleason
    Click to check my eBay Feedback: Userid=danrgleason
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