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LCD-2 and LCD-3 Owners - which aftermarket cable do you use?

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  1. CrazyRay
    Norse Audio Skuld 4 cables

    DSCN3969_Audeze’s LCD2 Norse Audio_300dpi.jpg
  2. Violent_Sneeze
    Copper Norne Draug 3 for my LCD2 Classics.
  3. Sotiris
    Good mornig guys!

    Can you propose me a European company that builds good cables for Lcd 2? Except toxic cables....
  4. HailToTheKing
    Lavricables is pretty responsive if you want a silver cable. I have ordered two times from Konstantin and I had both cables at my door within 2 weeks.

    The build and looks are decent and while I never expect big sound differences from cables I am satisfied with what the ultimate series did for my Sennheiser HD 650
    No experience with Audeze though.

    *if you live in Greece I think south-sounds.com has some wireworld cables for the Audezes
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  5. Sotiris
    Thanks for the reply! Yes i live in Greece , i have contact south sound to have a tesr drive of wireworld. The problen is that nowhere i have read a review about their cables. And everybody says that litz is the best cable structure and they dont have it...Also here in Greece the prices is too hight compared to buying the same products from Europe. Not to mention USA...
  6. HailToTheKing
    Yeah I feel the same about the prices..

    Anyway the European options I know are Lavricables, Forza Audioworks and Toxic cables.

    Lavricables only offers pure silver cables, Forza audioworks has a bigger variety but has some delays and toxic cables is closed due to the recent unfortunate events..
  7. Sotiris

    Lavricables seem good cables good nice price!! Silver cable is good you think for Lcd s? I am reading about the one for LCD4 at 456euros...
  8. HailToTheKing
    I don't own an Lcd so I am not the right guy to answer to be honest.
    What I can tell is that the lavricables ultimate series made the the hd 650 a little more lively, faster, open, exciting without introducing harshness.

    Considering that the lcd-2 has a similar warm character to the hd 650 it could be a good match but I'd rather let actual lcd owners speak
  9. spookanide
  10. Sotiris

    I just received the Lavricables 20 cores pure silver for my LCD2 fazor. I can state that compared to stock cables ITS A NEW LCD....Totally most enjoying, more sub bass,real vocal, smooth highs...Totally recommended.
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  11. Lonson
    I have an LCD-2 and with the XLR connection to my Decware Taboo Mk III, Tabloo Mk IV and CSP3-25th anniversary I have used the stock cables, a cable I bought made with Cardas 4-24 wire, a Moon Audio Silver Dragon, and a set of ArcticCables made with UPOCC copper. I was using the Moon Audio most, really liking what it does to curtail the sort of slightly-veiled warmth of these headphones, but lost one channel for some reason. I then ordered the ArcticCable as I really am a fan of Ohno copper and boy, these are excellent cables. Just perfect tonal balance and no fatigue to the sound. As a result I ordered a cable from ArcticCables for my Sennheiser HD-800S and am experiencing similar sonic happiness.

    The cable with Cardas wire is good. . . it has a slightly bigger, slightly less fast, perhaps more "classic" sound.

    Since I moved the Taboo Mk IV from my main system and replaced it with the CSP3 25th Anniversary edition (as I'm using it also as a preamp for my Decwre SE84UFO3 25th Edition Monoblocks) I have been getting best results with the Sennheisers and their ArcticCables and will probably sell the LCD-2 so they will get use from someone and not just sit in a box. The Sennheisers and the CSP3 are a great combination (especially as I am using a Decware ZROCK2 to eq the system).
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