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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. dilidani
    Guys, ZS3 bass problems seem to lessen.. switched to L sized tips (from Rock Zircon) with shallow insertion. Though I dont like shallow fit that much, will give this ZS3 a chance tomorrow while commuting.
  2. zabunny94

    i happen to have joyroom e103 and rock zircon... also had hds1

    in my ears e103 feels like ate albeit with sharper high. i hate the eartips that came with it though

    zircon can be summed up with one word : BASS
    but with the right tips, you can greatly decrease it though. using tips with big hole can turn this bass monster into a decent V-shape one
    amazing build quality on the housing, but many people reported that the right side stopped working after few months, coincidentally the same side as microphone. I guess the joint between right housing and mic is the most fragile part.
    also, the most pleasing iem to hear asmr videos on sub $15. if you don't know this thing, find it on youtube and you can thank me later

    had the hds1, though i can just borrow my brother's pair when i meet him(it's like his favorite kz iem). from my memory, hds1 doesn't have sub bass and has a smooth treble like ate. also, it doesn't seems isolate sound much to me maybe because of the small housing, small nozzle and the open back design...
  3. Ruben123
    Anyone who think's the zs3s bass insufficient, listen to Michael Jackson's Liberian girl. Stunning. Why would you even need/want more bass!! Lol I know some of you crawl for the most bass,i think that's something I'll never understand... It ruins the music for me
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  4. B9Scrambler
    Agreed. ZS3 has plenty of bass. More than I like, usually. Sometimes I'm in the mood for some skull crushing bass, but I have the original ZS1 for that [​IMG]
  5. rockingthearies
    Don't think the ZS3 have insufficient bass too, for those that say the ZS3 have too much bass, i think it is because the treble is too recessed on the ZS3 eqing up the treble or eq down the bass should do the job
  6. acidophilus
    9 weeks later, my ZS3s just arrived. Unfortunately, I just came down with a case vof vestibular neuritis, so I'm gonna refrain from sticking things in my ear for a while. Anyway, is there something I should do to break these in? I'm not really a big audiophile but since I have this extra downtime,I might as well.What method should I use? White noise? Leaving it on a playlist? What volume?
  7. jipan

    I believe most users here just let it play some musics at your usual volume. No need to stress it too much (like using max volume or something).
  8. doggiemom

    You made me Google "vestibular neuritis."  Get well soon!
  9. dilidani
    Different strokes for different folks :) I like my music with impactful bass definitely being the most prominent. BUT seahf eg009 iem was yesterday sent to my country from China, hope it will be another kicker after the zircons.
  10. Euljiro
    I have the ZS3, ZST, and ATE. I have a severe fit issue with the ZS3. I also have this pressurized feelings on both ears but more so on the left. These just don't fit my ears at all, the connectors rub against the side of my ears all the time. It is a shame, I like the sound of the ZS3 quite a bit. The tips keep getting stuck inside my ears also.

    The ZS3 and ZST made the ATE (my first KZ) quite incompetent for me.
    Is it just me or these KZs really need to be burnt in before they reach their true characteristics?
  11. Ruben123

    Try those double flange tips which are much longer than normal tips. Also when inserted, pull your ear a bit so air can get in your ear canal. Problem solved probably.
  12. Euljiro
    I will try playing around with the different tips a bit more. Still love them to bits. Thanks.
  13. mints
    out of all the kzs i own
    i love the sound of zs3 and ate the most
    what's a good cable for zs3 w/o memory wire?
    i don't like no memory on my wires!!
  14. Euljiro
    Has anyone tried the TFZ Series 5 and compared to any of the KZs? Heard the Series 5 is super bassy. I understand they are at a different price point, but if we learn anything from KZ IEMs, the price isn't everything, is it.
  15. Paulo099
    Oh I get it now. My friend actually has a KZ ATE and I have the KZ ED9 and I love the sound of the ATE as much as my ED9. I was doing this so I can try it on his. I would probably just do this when I finally bought my pair of KZ ATE or ATR. Thanks!
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