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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. Vidal
    Pro doesn't have the bass of the Banjo/Dulcimer. The Pro might but it's that long since I had one of those I'm not sure how it compares.
  2. bendrexl
    Got my replacement ZS3 set in the mail this weekend - I just took the left earpiece and plugged it in place of the suspected-defective one, and everything sounds right :D  Wasn't the tip, cable, or my ears.
    I definitely need to get some foam tips though, even the small ones are too much over long periods.
  3. Paulo099
    Can you post some step by step pictures? I'm having a hard time doing it. Forgive me for being dumb.
  4. mebaali
    Received my ATR (bought from GearBest), this morning. I've been listening to these since then (with JVC spiral dot large size tips) using Foobar2000 (on a 3 years old Laptop) with a mix of recent Tamil feature film tracks (MP3 320kbps). These, to my ears, sound very clean, having a similar relaxing sound signature as in my older ATE (inaugural version). Bass (Mid-bass) seems well-controlled (still appears the strongest suit of these) without any bleeding onto mids, vocals are natural (may be a tad recessed?), treble presence seems a bit more than it is in my ATE (too smoothed out treble in them). Imaging and Instrument separation are decent. Soundstage width is average. I am listening to music at 30% system volume with these. At under 5 US$ (shipped), this is a decent buy.

  5. Redcarmoose

    Those are the steps. The photos show some smaller tips inside out. The rubber nozzles are pointing up. You cut those off as close as possible to the base. You then put them on the ATE backwards then the hard part which is putting your normal silicone tips around the forward facing ones. I ruined my first set of small tips by cutting too close, but any sharp kitchen knife will work. You have to really look and make sure the cut is smooth and even. I did one with sissiors and one with a knife and the knife is 100% better.

    This mod would be for people who have a hard time getting a seal because the ATE nozzles are massive. The inner reversed tip causes the second pair of original tips to stay farther out. The same effect can occur with small O rings before your tips are put on.

    The sound seemed less dramatic going back a forth today, also I'm still trying to get a handle on how the sound of the IEMs change. One thing though is because of the outward pressure they stay in place like crazy.

    Good luck.

    I really think it both pulls the mids a little and pulls the bass a lot, though my opinion could change.
  6. Jacob McCauley
    I've had them for about a week now and have used them off and on. They are decent, but unfortunately not quite as good as I had hoped. Build quality seems pretty good, the controls and microphone work well, but the sound signature is a little unbalanced. They are not overly bass heavy by any means, but provide a decent amount, although a little muddy. Mids aren't too detailed but are present enough. The highs are my biggest complaint. They just have an odd sound to them and seem to be missing some important frequencies. They are also perhaps just less detailed then I am used to on other BT earphones, but nevertheless the highs for me make these earphones only good enough for a backup pair. Still, I need to test them a little more. 
    Personally I recommend the QCY QY19 as they are a very similar design to these, but the sound quality is far better with the price only a tad more than these (Gearbest pricing). I own around 25 or so different Chinese BT earphones and there are some great ones out there, but I hope KZ revises these in the near future or has a redesign. It is their first try though and their track record does show they often learn and improve so fingers crossed!
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  7. Redcarmoose

    The other thing is study the first picture as that shows how they look when everything is put together. Also notice the one picture with the backwards tip. That is what will be inside of your regular large tip. You may though have to push the smaller tip all the way back before being able to add your regular tip, as that is what I had to do today. You then have to nurse the small tip to extend back into shape under your regular tip.
  8. Redcarmoose
    Also I don't know how this tip mod would work if someone used medium tips. It would not work with small tips unless someone could find extra small tips to fit under.
  9. KipNix
    That's pretty much my position now. I would describe the ZS3 as a "mild V-shape", with accurate bass. They're not for bassheads. They fit better than my other IEMs, using pseudo-Comply tips from Ali.
    It's like I have IEMs for all occasions now, including DT5 and ZS3. If I want pop, funk, or hard rock, I could reach for the DT5. Prog Rock, symphony, and audio books could get ZS3.
    KZ is making better-engineered products at ridiculous prices; the KZ force is strong on Kip.
    And, of course...
  10. tw1s
    Which one  would u choose? KZ ATES,ZS3,ED9,Tennmak Dulcimer, Rock Zircon,Superlux HD381F, Takstar H60,Mannhas E170,C190
  11. loomisjohnson

    if i had to pick one (and not knowing your taste) i'd take the dulcimer--great clarity and coherence + monster bass. the ed9 would be my second pick. i haven't heard the takstar or mannhas
  12. haiku

    If you like a fun and tubey sounding iem, with big bass and subbass and a good soundstage, get the ATE S.
  13. tw1s
    takstar is for basshead and mannhas for vocal , i like rap , I will use only for  the phone
  14. thmarci
    Can anybody compare a Joyroom e103 with a Rock Zircon or with a KZ HDS1/ZN1/ZS3/ZST ?
    Im thinking about buying one, and I read good things about it... But I would like to read some comparison between my owned earphones.
  15. Ruben123

    Yes the KZ earphones are addicting. They're all good and I like all i have/had, but at a certain moment, listening to the Vivo,i thought: well, this is just what I'm looking for in a KZ. Just exactly that. I care about a flat fr and they are. Why keep all kzs then? I'm a student after all. Why couldn't I be happy with fewer earphones? - is what I say now, I've rebought the ed9 3 times already. Doing it away and months later regretting it. Now I've got to keep strong lol
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