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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. haiku

    So should the Shure 215, but it failed miserably.
  2. Vidal
    I've never heard the SE215, I nearly bought it from Richer Sounds a few years back. Well, I think it was the SE215
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  3. haiku

    You don´t miss anything, I can tell ya....  [​IMG]
  4. Vidal
    According to my wife I used to have a monthly direct debit with RS. That's now moved to AE [​IMG]
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  5. fonkepala

    Correct. I mean, for the price they're asking for the SE215, it should sound so so so much better than a $5 KZ ATR. They don't.
  6. Ruben123
    If you guys find a nice offer on the HDS1 let us/me know. Some weeks ago they were reduced to $3,50 which was crazy but heck I already had one, and the moment I thought dang I should order it, the offer ended (Ali). Now theyre even $6 (was $5) so Im not sure whats happening, maybe stocks running out (dont hope so)? In short: If you see an offer let me know :)
  7. haiku
    Some say the ATE S are too bassy and it bleeds into the mids and highs. After about 2 weeks of listening, I think that the highs and mids of most iems bleed way too much into the bass!  Seriously, the enjoyment factor with the ATE S is awesome for me atm. I never would have thought that great bass and subbass would have such a deep impact on the way I can enjoy my music. Stunning.... 
  8. tw1s
    which kz under $15 is the best ? ate s ? 
  9. Ruben123
    No most certainly not. why do you think so?
  10. Mellowship
    Same opinion. The SE215 sound great, but compared to the KZ price tags, they should have a much better built quality and a more refined sound. And they have some bass distortion when coupled with high-powered amps and DAPs. 
    Moreover, and this is personal, they hurt the hell out of my ear canals when I wear them for more than half an hour. I mean, the kind of pain you get with an otitis media, and that lasts for one day or so. Tip rolling won't work. I guess it's the length and the angle of the nozzles together with the stiffness of the memory wire, that pulls the shells out, levering the nozzles against my canals. This is sad, because they are the most expensive IEMs in my collection. Maybe this was the reason I started buying the KZs and others alike.
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  11. Podster
    Well for me and I'm just speaking my ears here, the SE215 does not sound like any of my dozen KZ so I can't even do a comparo with them but I will say what helped my SE215's was changing out to a silver plated cable. I've always thought the lower level Shures sounded kind of distant and veiled in comparison to many of the budget iem's we all like and have. For me the silver plate really opened my SE215's up and brought most freq's forward with more detail clarity but YMMV[​IMG]
    Plus it being Susan G. Komen month and being a survivor of this dreaded disease (not breast) myself I do support the cause[​IMG]
    And not to stray from the thread I'd better post one of theirs[​IMG]
    And still my overall favorite KZ to this day[​IMG]
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  12. B9Scrambler
    Are those Fidue A31s tips? I use them on my SE215 DIY. And for something on topic;
    Micro Ring For The Win!​
    I really wish KZ would bring it back. Such a great little earphone. The HDS2 just can't fill their shoes in the tip-mounted micro-driver sphere.
  13. RvTrav
    Ten days ago I provided initial impressions of the HD9.  After spending some time with the HD9 I would to expand on my opinions of this earphone.  Although the HD9 seems to be well built it doesn't seemed that KZ paid the same level of attention to the build as it did the ATR.  Where the two pieces of the housing fit together on the ATR the fit is smooth where on the HD9 you can feel an edge where the fit is not exact.  The cable is the same on both but the strain relief on the ATR is a combination of metal and hard plastic and the HD9 has rubbery strain relief that might actually provide better protection to the cable. 
    In my initial impressions I noted that the mids where more forward on the HD9 than on the ATR.  After 48 hrs of burn in on both the HD9 and ATR I feel that mids opened up a little on the ATR but the mids on the HD9 are still quite a bit more forward than on the ATR.  What I originally did not notice but have since realized is that the treble is also more forward on the HD9.
    In my initial impressions I also noted that the base in the HD9 was tighter and more controlled.  I also now feel that the base on the HD9 is also slightly louder on the HD9 than the ATR.  What has surprised me is that from other earphones I have found that earphones with tighter base usually have diminished sub base.  With the HD9 however I found the sub base was about equal to the ATR.
    So to put this all together I find that the HD9 has a more aggressive forward sound that makes the HD9 fun, with a sound signature that gets your foot tapping and keeps you engaged in the music.  I find that ATR is more relaxed and mellow. 
    I know my preferences are towards an earphone that doesn't have the mids recessed so of these two earphones my preference is the HD9.  I don't know what your preference is but the HD9 is an option that some might find enjoyable.
  14. haiku
    Which is "best", oh well.....
    I personally don´t ask myself this question anymore. I´ve had quite a journey this year, coming from Senns HD558, the HD600, Hifiman 400s, VE Monks, all (!) currently available Seahf earbud models, K´s earphone 500Ohm, 1More Piston Classic IEM, 1More earbuds, to KZ ATE (which already blew me away compared to all the others I´ve mentioned), KZ ZS3 and then the ATE S, which I love and listen with all of the time now, except when I plug in the ATE every once in a while. So, why do I love the ATE S, when I have the HD600 and the K´s, which are considered to be so much better by most other head-fi members? Simply, because it is the only one, which gives me maximum enjoyment from all (!) my music. When I´ve listened with the other phones, I´ve noticed that I only listened to some albums, while avoiding others. With the ATE S, it´s the combination of delivering deep, powerful bass, subbass and smooth highs, which make all my recordings highly enjoyable. It gives me a constant kinda "cozy" feeling, no matter which album I´m listening to. That said, I´m also aware that the AK300 Dap + AK380 Amp are responsible for that outstanding subbass performance, too. 
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  15. dilidani
    Guys, pls help! :D 
    Just got my 8 USD ZS3 from gearbest. Super awesome, but only one pair of my wide bore tips fit! :frowning2: All of my wide bore tips slide off from that little tube, so I would like to have one with either a little narrower entrance, or an entrance with a lip to fix the position of the tip. Narrow tips just dont work for me on this pair of earphones.. :/
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