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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. Paulo099
    Guys can you help me out picking which is better out of these iems? I already have the KZ ED9 and they sound fantastic but the mids sounds a little bit recessed for me. I'm looking for a mid-forward iem and somewhat also bassy but not basshead level and a smooth treble. I'm also planning to buy a Fiio K1 with one of these iems. Hope you can help me.
    1) KZ ATR
    2) KZ ATE
    3) KZ ZS3
    4) KZ ZST
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  2. Ruben123
    ED9 mids recessed?! But how then? ATE/ATR would be a nice cheap companion though the ZS3 is a sort of upgrade to the ATR (relatively then)
  3. Paulo099
    Compared to my LG Quadbeat 3 they sound recessed especially when it comes to male vocals, violins, guitars and pianos. The album I tested to compare both earphones is One Republic's album Oh My My. There, I noticed the recessed mids of the ED9 using both filters.

    Does the ZS3's bass bleed into the mids though? And how's the cable compared to the ATR?
  4. TheSweeney
    Got my first order from gearbest today. China>UK in 10 days... not bad at all.
    The thing is I bought a pair of Tennmak Pros while waiting for my KZ's to arrive and I like the pros so much I'm not in much of a hurry to try the KZs I bought.
    So I thought I would see if anyone wants to trade/swap while they are still new. If no-one wants to swap I'll try/use 1 or 2 pair and keep the others as spares (like I originally intended).
    As a new member (long time lurker) I cant post in the sales/trades section so....
    I am willing to send first if you are a trusted member on Headfi (preferably with a good track record for sales/swaps).
    Up for grabs:
    2x pair of ZS3 with mic
    2x pair of ATR w/o mic
    Brand new, delivered today. The ATR's had no shrink wrapping on but the ZS3s did, although I have removed the wrap from 1 ZS3 to check contents.
    I would be looking to swap all or some of the above for something that sounds similar to the tennmak pro's....or possibly Senfer 4in1s, KZ ZST, etc open to suggestions but would want something that sounds at least slightly similar to the tennmaks.
    Again I am happy to post the earphones first if you are a trusted/long-standing headfi member.
    ***Alternatively... (and to keep this from going off-topic) If anyone here owns the Tennmak Pro's and the ZS3 or ATR, could you please tell me whether or not I should be trying the ZS3 or ATR considering I Love the sound of the tennmaks so much?***
    Thanks in advance for any advice on that, and sorry for the long first post... also I would like to point out that I am not trying to sell the KZs (for profit or not) I would rather trade them if anything.[​IMG] 
  5. haiku
    I wish KZ would sell the silicone tips separately, too. The seal´s excellent.
  6. fonkepala

    The KZ silicone tips are ok, but the 'foam' tips that were included with my ATE and ATE-S are terrible. Hard, not flexible and they don't shrink when you pinch them. Not memory foam at all I think. More akin to rubberized foam, that's all I can come up with now.
  7. haiku

    All  foam tips I´ve tried so far, incl. the KZ, were horrible. They always push the iem out of my ear, no matter how deep I push them in.
  8. Ruben123

    They do.
  9. fonkepala
    Original Comply foam tips work well for me. They have knock off versions of Comply foam tips on Ali, I haven't tried those yet. Have you?
  10. fonkepala
    Same here.  The ZS3 gives a more pressurized feeling in my left ear. Right ear seems ok. Weird because it happens with both the stock silicone KZ tips and also with JVC Spiral Dots.
    So you like the ZS3 and ZST more than your ATE?
    I had a listen with my ZS3 during a commute yesterday, somehow I found the ZS3 sounded a bit boomy and mid-recessed. And that's after a day of burning in. Funny because I remember when I tried them OOTB they sounded better then. Not sure what's going on. Could be that now I prefer the way my ATR sounds.
  11. Ruben123

    To me, both sound somewhat the same (same characteristics) though both with wide bore tips. Also as I said earlier try to relieve pressure out of your ear canal by pulling your ear once you have a seal to let air in.
  12. Euljiro
    I would definitely recommend you to try the ZST, the one with hybrid drivers. I never tried the ATR. The ATE feels like they have an L shape to my ears. Lots of bass and subbass but bloomy, mid recessed, and not so sparkly highs. The ZS3 have a slight V shape for me. Bloomy bass though, but definitely great subbass, great for EDM. I hear the mids more pronounced with the ZST, just brighter in general. The tightest bass among all the KZs but lacking in the subbass department. I like these the most with female vocals. ZST has the best resolution I feel. I cant compare with the ED9 since i never heard them.
  13. To.M

    I ordered those:
  14. Euljiro
    I will try out the ZS3 with different tips and see again. I like the sound just cant wear them for long.
    The ZST on the other hand fits my ears very nicely. quite a different sound to the ZS3 though. Much brighter, much more detailed, tighter and much more controlled bass.
    If you think the ATR sounds similar to the ZS3, I think I will give the ATR a try, perhaps they will fit me better. ATE fits me just fine, should be similar right? 
  15. TheSweeney
    Anyone here own the ZS3's and/or the ATR's along with Tennmak Pro's? Could you compare the sound of the KZs to the tennmaks? Or let me know if its worth trying the KZs (I Love the sound of the Tennmaks)?? do they sound at all similar?
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