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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. tw1s
    thank you , i will go probably for ate s  , but i like REMAX RM-565i
  2. Ruben123
    So guys, hard decision. Getting rid of most of my kzs. Experiencing what spending twice a KZ can give you in the vivo 800 I have no reason as a student to have many inferior earphones. I keep a few. ATR & ZS3 sound almost the same though i like the ZS3's fit more. I keep the hds1 too which I rediscovered, shame they are no $4 anymore. Seems they're not made anymore or so. With the Monoprices and vivo I have no reason to keep the ed9.

    If KZ comes with anything nice again I'll sure try it though!! I'm staying on the ship :)
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  3. Brian Coffey
    Far as I know they are still making the HDS1. I just got some in 3 days ago :)
  4. squallkiercosa
    I've been following KZ for a while. I liked some of their models but the resemblance with other popular brands made me question whether I wanted to sport a very similar model or trust on a chinese unknown company. Vsonic had my back at the time and I'm still very happy with the sound they provide.
    Funny thing: I don't believe in cables but almost all my IEMs have detachable cables, and firmly believe every manufacturer should follow the trend. 
    I got the ZS3 and the ZST last week. Both are surprisingly comfortable (at least to my medium size ears) and they look distinctive enough to develop brand identity.
    Short review:
    The Bass on the ZST is clearly more detailed and wins by a gross margin, the treble overall is more spacious but very subdue, voices are too distant. The sound signature is not my favorite but it's not offensive or difficult to get used to. They definitely look like CIEMs if you care about looks.
    The ZS3 has a more interesting sound signature, but sound a bit flat in comparison. Tonality wise they are more natural than the ZST, the form factor looks and feels more comfortable. For everyday use, I might certainly go with the zs3. I believe they are a steal from GB, I'm planning to buy at least one more and keep it as a gift. 
    I'm eager to see what the future holds for KZ. 
  5. squyzz
    My ZST (banggood pre-order) has been shipped yesterday :)
  6. RvTrav
    FYI       KZ-ED12 on sale at gearbest for $7.98 US.
  7. doggiemom

    I fell for that one.  [​IMG]  I had the ED12s on my wishlist or favorites list or whatever they call it, and they emailed me announcing the price cut.  Since shipping is free......
  8. Redcarmoose
    Somewhere on Head-Fi and maybe this thread I read about a tip modification. The paragraph I read is a little blurry in memory but I will attempt to explain what the mod was about. ??

    This only works with IEMs with giant nozzles like the ATE.

    You take a small or medium small tip and place it backwards then put a regular larger tip on and it goes over the small tip and seals.

    At first it would not work until I cut almost the entire inner tube off the small IEM tip. Then it went on leaving enough room for the larger tip to go on in regular fashion.

    What it does.

    It gets you a silicone tip to start to have the outward support pressure of a foam tip. The inner reversed tip pushes out right at the apex, but under the apex area which comes into contact with your ear canal.

    I wish I knew which member came up with this because I would like to thank them. It's pure genius and has completely changed the ATE experience for me. Still I liked it before but now,..........,,,,,I'm in tears.:joy:

    What it looks like like.



    The clean one cut with a ceramic knife, the other scissors.
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  9. haiku
    The ATE S scales much better than the ATE. Unless you listen to mp3/4 or 16/44 the difference is not so obvious (except that the ATE S has improved bass performance), but once you come into High Res territory, the ATE S still shines while the limitations of the ATE are clearly audible, especially in the highs.
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  10. Ruben123

    I'm glad that you like the ateS but it won't sound different between 44k or high res IF the master is the same which most of the time it isn't, so you're not hearing higher resolution, just another tweaked master. I even wonder if the kzs are even able to reproduce sound above 16khz, let alone above 22 which is high res, not to speak about your ears not able to hear anything above 18k or so....
  11. dilidani
    Guys, i received my kz zs 3 at the weekend and after 10-20 hrs of burn in I have to say, they are bass shy for me. Coming from rock zircons, house trance trap hardstyle etc listener here. The main problem is the lack of nozzle at the end of the bore, so all my real wide bore tips just slip off, what a pity!! So edm fans... It's not the most suitable iem for some of us. Have to admit, it has lot better mids than zircons, but I eq up the bass even on zircons, so... Haha :D maybe I'm too bass hungry :)
  12. Vidal
    Try Tennmak Dulcimer or Banjo, they're a lot more bassy than the ATE
  13. fonkepala
    The ZS3 has more than enough bass for my taste :) however, they do give me this weird pressurized sensation in my left ear. Anyone else experiencing this?
  14. dilidani
  15. dilidani
    Tennmak Pro maybe? It looks soo nice and has replacable cable. Im a bit rough on my iems, my second pair of zircons died on me in 2-3 months :frowning2: (tho having NO strain relief at the plug is plain nonsense..)
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