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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. Ruben123

    whut something positive about the zst???? please tell us more!
  2. Marzman
    Hey folks, first time poster here. I started coming to these forums last Spring when I needed to find some cheap iem to use after our church got rid of our wedge speaker monitors. I ended up getting the ZN1 with amp. I figured that would be nice if I was on stage and needed to fine tune my bass and treble during service. A few problems cropped up. First, the amp box isn't necessary. The phones sounded great to me even in passive mode. There was plenty of volume, punch, and sparkle without the amp box. It just added weight and made the whole unit cumbersome. Then there were the issues of the short, grabby cable that leads to the amp box that hangs on everything, like my guitar strap. Basically I had an amazing sounding unit that was no fun to use in real life. So, this month, I ordered the ZN1 mini. I figured that would be perfect... The great sounding unit without the stupid amp. The problem is that the mini doesn't sound as good! Mids seem boosted and treble is a little veiled. Any ideas what could be the reason? It's supposed to be the same drivers and same shell, but something's off. With the zn1, everything just sounds great. With the mini, it's like something is always missing. The mini does have a thinner cable, which is less cumbersome, but it's still very grabby. The cable is actually very long, much longer than the zn1 cable. Is there a burn in period after which I can expect the mini to sound like its older brother? I can't say for sure if the zn1 sounded different 6 months ago when it was new, it just sounds wonderful at this point. Now the mini isn't a bad earphone. I'm using it now, actually, on some Pink Floyd. It's only in comparison that I know something is off. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the matter. Thanks!
  3. KipNix
    Yes. 88 cents a pair from Original Earphones, for T-100, T-200, or T-400. I don't know if they are genuine Comply, but they work well for me in my ZS3 and DZAT.
  4. haiku

    I´ve bought some Comply from Amazon. Didn´t like them at all. 
  5. fonkepala
    Interesting what you said about the ZST. Makes me want to try them out. This is one of the rare times something positive has been said about the ZST, I think.
    Nope, I didn't say the ZS3 sounds similar to the ATR, I said now I prefer the way the ATR sounds rather than the ZS3. The ZS3 sound a bit too bloomy and less detailed for me. The ATR is worth a try for the asking price. You might like them.
    Yup, that's the one. I'll buy some and compare them to original Comply tips.
    Yes, some people like them, some don't. As with everything else in this hobby :)
  6. bendrexl
    I'd recommend listening to both sets of the ZS3s right away, just to make sure they both work right in case you need to return / exchange. There have been a few cases of QC issues with one or both earphones sounding broken with the ZS3.
  7. bendrexl
    I'm in the same boat - I have no complaints whatsoever with the sound of my ZS3, and the noise isolation is amazing (better than some safety earplugs!). But after a week using them at the office, I'm still not used to the feel - they're just plain big. Both the housings and the tips included.
    I'm going to order some KZ foam tips and the comply-clones anyway, but I'm also tempted to try something like the ED10 or DT5, something smaller.  
    The ED10s look really nice IMO, and very compact - how would the compare w/ the ZS3 sound?
  8. toddy0191

    Mids are more recessed on zs3 and the pros are much more detailed and natural sounding.

    The pros are way better IMO
    jmwreck likes this.
  9. TheSweeney
    Duly noted, cheers for the info [​IMG]... however, I thought the qc issues were only in the first batch(es) after release? I read through all of this thread since the zs3 release date and figured that the latest batches were all ok and all qc issues were resolved :frowning2:
  10. TheSweeney
    Cheers bud, I figured as much. As soon as I heard the Pro's I thought they would be hard to beat (for my tastes)... any recommendations on what sounds similar to the pro's only 'better'? preferably in the same price range if such a iem exists.
  11. toddy0191

    If you can find the LZ A2S cheap ever they have a similar signature but are more refined. They're BA and DD hybrid. If you like the pros, you would love them.

    You may also like the vivo xe800 available for around £14. They're brighter than the pros with less bass but have beautiful mids.

    My 4 favourites are:
    Tennmak pros
    Lz a2s
    Vivo xe800
    Senfer 4in1
  12. TheSweeney
    Cheers Toddy, much appreciated.
    I've read a few good things about the 4-in1s but havnt done any research on any of your other suggestions. From what you've said the LZ A2S sound perfect. I'm off to do some reading - thanks for the pointers [​IMG]
    To get this slightly back on topic - I have 2x new ZS3 with mic and 2x new ATRs up for trade [​IMG]
  13. harry501501
    Pretty interesting your comparison with the ATR and ATE. would you say the step up is big enough to try the ATR? i really enjoy the ATE sound, although it is quite recessed in the mids, more so than I'd usually like... it's just so much fun to listen to and isn't that the name of the game :)
  14. ioques
    Hello all, I´m new here, my fav4 for now:
    1º - KZ HD9 (yes a surprise even to me :)
    2º - KZ ATR (very similar, but some how I prefer the HD9, more detailed sound)
    3º - KZ ZS3 (maybe the better sound, but I'm getting a hard time to be used with memory wire and finding perfect isolation)
    4º - Rock Zircon (very close to KZs, and better tips, but i get more comfort with KZs in sound and physically)
  15. harry501501
    Hey Toddy, could you maybe go a wee bit further on how the T Pros and A2S compare sound wise? Current favourites are my ATEs, but I'm in search of something a bit more of a step up in quality with less recessed mids but retaining it's smooth bassy nature and 'big' sound. I think the T Pros are great and offer fantastic price to performance, they can just sound a bit dry/cold at times with bass that hits very well, but doesn't have the texture and musicality note wise that the ATE offers imo. Vidal has given me great advice and I'm just looking or some one else's viewpoint on the A2S.
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