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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. rockingthearies

    Yeap express shipping only makes it arrive at your house quicker was wondering why you got your ZS3s so quick. Bought mine on 3rd Sept paid for normal shipping still have not arrive yet :sweat_smile:
  2. thmarci
    Hey guys! I received the ZST, but I really don't like it. It's grainy in the mids, and... I don't know, the highs and the lows sound sooo separated. Only used for 12 hours, but as I read it, it's not gonna change much after 100 hours.
    Does anybody have the same impression about it?
    I own a ZN1, HDS1 and a Rock Zircon. A ZS3 on the way too.
  3. Shawn71

    Thought it was me when carmoose recommending someone the same mmcx cables in the place of dc connector ones.......think it was @ chinese/asian thread last month? . :wink:
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  4. Vidal
    I like mine, what particular track are you listening to with the issues? I'll see if mine do the same.
  5. 1clearhead
    You're not alone.....same here!
    I was hoping for changes after burning them in over 100 hours, but not much has changed. I put them in the same category as the Xiaomi hybrids, completely muddy plus on the grainy side. Many of the other KZ's are better buys than this one. Well? At least they get to learn from their first attempt just like the Xiaomi company did.
  6. mochill
    Give them more burn in , i just ordered mine yesterday with the kz silver plated upgrade cable:sunglasses:
  7. smy1
    Anybody found any upgraded zs3 cables?
  8. akhil17kr
    Hey fellas , I've been using soundmagic ES18 earphones for more than 1.5 years ,now want to upgrade to some better ones . Please suggest a below $9 KZ earphone as good or better than Soundmagic ES18 .
    Friend has this KZ earphone which looks edr1/edr2/KZ SE.(All looks same) (https://www.aliexpress.com/item/Original-KZ-EDR...)
    but it is not as good as soundmagic ES18 in terms of comfort and sound clarity. have hard time adjusting it , becomes very irritating to wear and does not fit properly in my ear with all sizes of eartips provided on the other hand soundmagic es18 medium size one's perfectly fit easily tight without any problem.
    Top priority is Very good comfort , very good Clarity and good bass as i listen a lot to EDM’s .
    I WANT TO BUY ONLY FROM ALIEXPRESS as i have some discount coupon on it.
    There are so many sellers of KZ and so many models that i actually don’t know which is reliable one and can go on for at least 1.5 years and provide onpar performance to ES18 with as good as comfort wear , better sound clarity and on par sound quality.
    I'll using earphones on Mi Redmi note 3 with viper4android and on Laptop .
  9. Ira Delphic
    I like the ED9. Metal so not super light weight but a very nice IEM. Similar sound to the ATE but for me more comfortable.
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  10. dilidani
    Hello guys! Just received my ED7, the smaller one. The nozzle is so tiny, i mean i cant put wide bore tips on it, tho they would work better on them as i guess. Anyone having the version with the bigger housing - does it have a standard nozzle width?
    Anyways, for 4-5 usds its not bad, but it could be better. :D I guess it would need a proper tip and burn-in..
  11. akhil17kr

    How's ED9 compared to ES18 , it's $10-12 though . below $9 would be nice. my only requirement is it should be better than ES18 and has crisp sound clarity with very comfortable in ears , tught and not loose or something because if comfort is not good there is no advantage of any earphone doesn't matter it cost cheap or expensive.
  12. toddy0191

    I know you said ONLY Aliexpress. But the zs3 are only $8.38 at gearbest.

    I have the es18s and they are better IMO.

  13. Mellowship
    ES18 are great. They are nor better or worse than most KZs. They just have a different sound signature. 
    ED9, ATE and ZS3 seem to be the way. For that "wow" factor, great bass and comfort, I would choose ZS3. For clarity and ability to change sound signature, you have ED9. For smoothness and nice non-fatiguing sound, the ATE. 
  14. kiler
    If he mentions crisp sound quality might be worth going for the ED9, since they might have more of a V shape than the other KZ's. For example, the ATE might sound too warm for his ears.
  15. Hisoundfi Contributor
    Okay fellas, spent some more time with the ZST. Graphs aren't the whole story, but they say a lot. Here's what I got:
    This measurement was taken with my Vibro Veritas which is NOT a industry standard measuring device but should give you an idea of how the the ZST sounds. This device does have a tendency to roll off a bit at higher frequencies. After measuring many earphones, I feel as though I can put into words what I'm seeing so you all can understand. 
    As expected there's a fair amount of bass presence, and mildly boosted upper mid-range to keep them from sounding overly dark. I am hearing a bass forward sound with good bite on vocals. Where the ZST misses out on competing with top of the line hybrids is in overall refinement and treble extension. Don't let that deter you from considering them. When I say this I'm referring to the stuff that costs many times more. I'd say it competes with many/most of the sub $100 dollar hybrids available today. 
    The treble has somewhat natural sense without a lot of extension and detail. However, for the price I think they are insanely good. The damn cable and tips are worth the price of admission! I have been listening to them on and off for the last two days and can confidently say that no one is going to necessarily be disappointed in their purchase. The fit is great, the Cable is nice, and the tips are really, really good IMHO. The sound is a good first toe in the hybrid water for KZ. 
    I would love to see KZ make an improved version with two balanced armatures, adding a little more refinement, detail and control of all frequencies. I'd also like to see a little more neutrality to their tuning, meaning less exaggeration in their more forward frequencies. The response curve is good for the most part, but a little too emphasized at the mid-bass and upper mid-range tones. Tone this down a little more, and add a bit of treble extension without going overboard, and we will have the new giant slayer. 
    Cheers everyone.
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