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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

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  1. CoiL
    Yinjw "IE800" wooden version.
  2. kiler
    Buy both and tell us which one is better ;D haha 
  3. Hisoundfi Contributor
    I can't seem to find an EQ adjustment that improves the sound of the ZST over the stock tuning (for my preference)
    From what I've experienced they don't seem to respond very well to EQ adjustments
  4. mochill
    Burn in is the best eq
  5. ustinj
    Does the ZS3 take standard 2-pin cable? Can I use the cable from my CIEMs?
  6. vapman
    yes, can't find a picture and too lazy to take a new one, but i have aurisonics 2 pin cable on my ZS3.
  7. ustinj
  8. Asim0v
    Hi there! Can anyone tell me wich one is better? I'm not decided between the ZST or the Zircon. Right now I have the Xiaomi Hybrids and the ATE and I prefer the ATE for their insane isolation, overall signature and tight punchy bass. However I would like a bassier IEM with punchy bass and still with good detail and instrument separation for rock. Wich one would suit my taste better? ZST or Zircons? Help me please
  9. Comebackboy
    Same, I can't seem to find a good EQ that suits my preference. Unfortunately the ZST are not very responsive to EQing. I'll keep playing with it until I find something I like.
  10. Comebackboy
    Not sure about the Zircons though I heard those are bass monsters, with a good soundstage as well.
    ZST though has really good isolation even with stock tips and a good amount of bass as well. Details and separation is pretty good too though you would probably want to get the silver cables to improve it.
    But if you prefer the ATE you might prefer the Zircons 
  11. Kepller
    Has anyone tested the ZS2? Care to give some impressions? [​IMG]
  12. Vidal
    Impression? OK, here's my best Donald Trump
    <rolls around in bowl of cheetos, applies shredded wheat to head>
    'The ZS2 is the sort of earphone that Crooked Hillary would use, she's probably been using them her whole adult life. The bass maybe bigly, but they're ugly dogs. A credible source has just called my office to tell me they're not made in China but in Mexico, we need a wall, a big wall and KZ will pay for it. They're big earphones, my ears aren't small, I guarantee you there’s no problem. I guarantee. No one guarantees like Trump I guarantee it'
    Seriously though, if you can get them cheap then they'd be good for the gym non critical listening but the ZS3 is a big improvement.
  13. ustinj
    I accidentally ordered two ZS3s, one shiny version from GB and one matte version from eBay. Hoping to use these as gym beaters. I wonder what the difference between the versions is?
  14. akhil17kr
    Finally after waiting for replies which i didn't get here to make final decision, confused i order the KZ ATE for $6.96 after $2 off.

    I'll be upgrading from soundmagic ES18 , is it a good choice to move from ES18 to ATE ?
    Are they as comfortable as ES18 with default provide tips and provide tight fit with good noise isolation ?
    And if it's reliable enough to use more than 1 year as i take great care of my earphone.
    And it should be comfortable while laying on bed too :p
    The main music genre I'll listen is EDM, Pop and Rock.

    If these earphones are not good for this type of music as compared to ES18 please suggest other below $9.
    How's Uiisii HM7 ?
  15. MuZo2
    I think only shell finish. If someone wants a neutral version of KZ ZS3 buy ED12. My ED12 arrived yesterday will do a short comparison later.
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