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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. xxAMAROKxx
    AS12 is technically great, with its tuning suitable for some well mastered music. I always have to get used to their sound for a long time, It just doesn't sound balanced for me. :)
    EDIT: BQEYZ KB100 has arrived today and they will certainly replace AS12 and maybe also AS10.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
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  2. scottySK
    Is there a current KZ that outshines the Tin T2? I find the ZS6 too recessed in mids and fatiguing. I like my AS10 but find them slightly veiled? when compared to the T2.

    Is the ZS10 pros the best new offering? Would love to hear your thoughts!
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  3. Tonymac136
    Finding IEMs that categorically outshine the T2 at the same money is virtually impossible. The ZS10 (non pro) digs up more detail but the instruments just don't sound as "real" for me and there is a lot of recession in the mid range. I've not heard either the pro or the zsx yet. I was about to order the 10 pro when I got distracted and bought a pair of CNT1s and a pair of KZ ED9s instead. Next month maybe.
  4. SoundChoice
    KZ ZS10 PRO

    Month 1: Everyone agrees these are pretty good
    Month 2: Everyone agrees these are amazing and something special
    Month 4: Everyone agrees that the timbre is off and treble is lacking, maybe the next release will be better
  5. citral23
    The treble is not lacking at all. It's even a bit on the agressive side (which does NOT mean detailed).

    Mids are lacking imo.

    I have not heard the T2, but being treble sensitive I very much doubt that treble canon would suit me, so saying it's "impossible to beat" doesn't sound right. Depends for who.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
  6. citral23
    Sometimes I wonder if they're not slapping as many BAs as they can and hope for the best honestly. I just think the ZS7 is a "happy little accident".

    When I listen to bqeyz I can immediately hear the effort put in the tuning. When I listen to ZS10 pro I'm like uh, that's erm... is it trying to be coherent?
  7. Crandall
    How would you compare the ZS7 to the Kanas Pro? Obviously the Kanas Pro is going to be a lot more detailed and with less of a V shape, but do you think it's well worth the $100 price difference?
  8. lgcubana
    My only problem with the ZS10 Pro: every time that I embrace them, I make the mistake of following up the next day with the ZS7s :scream:

    The ZS10 Pros are very friendly to EQing, which makes them an all around choice for me.
  9. citral23
    Yes, the kanas pro is worth the 100$ difference, with the bqeyz KB100 too, imo.

    KPE is much more organic, more detailed, less V, accurate tone/timbre, you already know it apparently :)

    As I've said many times in this thread, I prefer the ZS7 for death metal/EDM/Igorrrr/Kool Keith/WhateverIwantToBangMyHeadOn

    But when I'm listening to Getz/Gilberto, Kind of Blue/5 by Monk by 5 in a silent house in the evening, it's the KPE.

    I don't feel the need to buy anything more expensive because I'm in heaven with it tbh. The contrabass tone, I've not experienced on other IEMs (but then I've not listened to TOTL)

    I use the KB100 for everyday use, it's not too far from KPE but it doesn't have that extra.

    I'd like to get something better than ZS7 for the genres I use it for, but I'm kind of attached and happy with it it also.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
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  10. Crandall
    Sounds like I'm starting a small fund for some Kanas Pros. I love my ZS7 with a litle bit of EQ for metal and electronic music while I'm at work, but it always sounds a bit off with acoustic and piano music (or anything quiet, where I like to listen for the smallest details) to me even when putting a lot of work into a parametric EQ. The AS10's are better for it, but high treble and sub bass are both rolled off and boosting them seems to introduce a little bit of audible distortion.
  11. Caipirina
    Regarding the ZSX ... from the initial teaser pic I was expecting an all black IEM, with blackened metal plate. This looks cool, special, different!


    Seeing the offering now, my interest has waned enough that I will wait for reviews and maybe 11.11.

    (Maybe the all black will be the ZSX Pro! :wink: )
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
  12. Zerohour88
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  13. Assimilator702
    Tin T2 with foam tips are NOT treble cannons by a LONG shot. Don’t listen to anyone that says they are. Maybe with a tip that boosts treble but not with any tips Ive tried and aI have a decent selection. Even with silicone tips it’s sharp and detailed but not overbearing with no glaring peaks that reach out and punch you in the eardrums.
    I’m using KZ foam tips which have a fairly wide Bore and a touch larger than say a TRN foam tip or the tips some of the AE shops sell. Foam tips are not my preference since they’re not as durable as silicone, they can alter the sound signature too much and they get dirty if you dare to look at them. I unfortunately have to use foam tips due to the shallow housing which prevents a seal in my case. Tin HiFi needs to rework the nozzle to be angled slightly to allow for deeper insertion considering the very shallow depth of the earpiece. Beautifully built earpieces......just a bit too shallow and a slightly confusing fit as it’s not immediately apparent it should be worn wire over the ear as it’s intended.

    Now if Tin HIFI could design a housing along the lines of what KZ uses in a ZSN/C10 or even a semi custom resin shell that would be a difficult one to beat. I’m sure they’re trying to be different but I believe it’s at their disadvantage.
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  14. nraymond
    With some of the recent discussions on people experiencing different things with earphones (and noticing that myself - that reviews tend to fall under a few different groups of experiences), I did a lot more thinking on the topic... I used to think it was probably just down to a combination of fit issues/age/hearing damage that were creating the variations in experience. While I think those can be factors, I think human physiology combined with head related transfer functions (HRTFs) are also significant. Specifically, if you look at Rtings.com video from a couple of years back entitled "Headphones Frequency Response: Challenges & Solutions" they explore the topic of physiology and external ear structure with regard to the challenges of over-ear and on-ear headphones:

    What I hadn't fully considered is that since each of our pinna's are different (differently shaped helix, antihelix, tragus, antitragus, etc.) that means that each of our brains is hard-wired for our individual ear shape. Thus, with earphones that sit in the ear canal, we're bypassing that external ear hardware, but our individual HRTF in our brains is still in full effect, expecting sound coming into our ear to be shaped by our own external ear. That means that each of us has a slightly different (perhaps very different in some cases, depending on the ears in question) filter being applied to earphone audio. I would expect that if we and reviewers had 3D scans done of our external ears we could have a weighted ranking assigned to match ourselves up to reviewers (ideally also taking into account other hearing capabilities), and then we'd likely find reviews and perceptions that more closely match ours. It also means that minus any earphone design flaws (fit issues, distortion, significant emphasis/de-emphasis in frequency response) there are fundamentally more and less "correct" earphones for each of our ears. Unfortunately, this makes discussing and generalizing earphone performance even more problematic than on-ear/over-ear headphones (and depending on your physical ears and hearing ability, it might make sense to listen to some people who have certain experiences with certain earphones more than others).

    On the topic of eartips, I think that can get complicated... I've never used a pair of foam tips I can tolerate for long (the sensation of foam pressing against my ear canal is distracting/annoying to me), so while in general foam is a useful way to tame highs, I and others bothered by foam tips can't use them. Medium silicone tips work well for me, and I keep about a dozen different types of silicon eartips around and try them out on ear of my earphones to find the best combination of physical fit and acoustic match (silicone tips have a surprising range of effects on the sound depending on bore size, bore length, hybrid or not, thickness of the silicone, shape of the silicone, which I think affect both the acoustics and bass sensations i.e. literally the quality of the vibrations of the low frequency sound). I'm sure my individual ears have an impact on all of that to - for instance, I've learned that my left ear canal is slightly larger than my right, and heavier earphones will just slowly slip out of my left ear if the ear tip doesn't exert enough physical pressure relative to the balance of the earphone in the ear. So, as with many things in life, your mileage may vary (YMMV)... and I for one thank everyone here for sharing their experiences, since I leverage everything that everyone shares to infer and estimate what I think my experiences likely will be before I purchase anything.
  15. Podster
    Pod's simple (on the food/taste scale) breakdown of his current KZ rotation:wink: Needless to say I'm far beyond any psychiatric help:scream: Let's go clockwise starting with the BA10's:grin:

    Top 4 KZ’s.JPG

    BA10 = Butter
    ZS7 = Gravy
    ZS10 Pro = Bacon
    ZS6 (Gray with the supposed better bass output) = Biscuits

    A strong cup of coffee and breakfast is served:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

    And like my fellow iem Psychos I do have some better iem's to compare these too as well:rolling_eyes:

    What To Wear!.JPG

    Of course the real scary part is none of these are my most expensive ones:open_mouth: These three pair represent $1100 alone (Guess the closest to "A Fool" emoticon I can find is :flushed:)


    To re-iterate how far over the edge I've gone I'd say 99.9% of the earths populous would be tickled pink to just have this killer $39 setup:thinking:

    39 Dolla-Holla!.JPG

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