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for my family

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New Head-Fier, Male

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    for my family
    Headphone Inventory:
    -AKG340 electrostat-dynamyc+Furutech 1/4" ..combined with Tube Amp
    -Senn HD650+equinox; or silver 8braid HomeGrown + cardas rhodium 1/4"
    Denon D-7000; Fostex TH-900; Sony mdr-Z7.
    -Orthodynamic: Yamaha YH100, YH3; HP3; Fostex T50V0; Sansui SS100;
    Abyss AB-1266; LCD3 audeze+SAA endorphin.
    HE-500 and HE-4 with Nordost Heimdall2
    -tF10 remould; phonak 232; Hje90; Stax srm-001 MK2; stax Srs-002;
    Fitear334+000 cable or Sunpillar wagnus cable; Dita-the Truth edition; Shure846; JVC Fx-1100;
    Heir8.0+Luna wagnus cable; Noble 6; Noble K10U
    VE Family->Zen,Asura,Monk ;bloxBE7;Be3;B200,m2c; ShozyCygnus; seahf300; Mx-985;
    Sennheiser Omx980; MusicMaker TO300, creative Aurvanalive, Lyra6, ath cm707,dunuAlpha1;
    Crossroad HR1.
    -Sabia; all best diy:Saida,YinYang44ohm,RedDemun oyaide; Crow oyaide
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    *Portable head amp:
    -Fostex Hp-p1; arrow4G; O2; Alo class Solo; AloRx3-B; Alo continental v2; iQube v2
    Tralucent T1; Go dap X LME49860; ALO International; Pico Power_orange; apex glacier
    Xin mini amp_crossfeed; ibasso PB2; ibasso D12 mod; venturecraft Typhoon; pico amp/dac;
    Kojo KM01 brass; vicjohn Lzio HAV3-SE balance out; Govibe Portatube; Bakoon hda-5520
    MassKobo 404.. love it very much with HE-500 or HE-4 Nordost heimdall2 xlr

    *Desktop head amp
    -Tube Amp diy: rectf RCA 5R4GYB,Mullard EF91 6AM6; Philips ECC88
    -eximus DP1 amp & dac ; Burson HA-160 mod
    - Xonar essence one Mod
    Source Inventory:
    Ipod 5,5G_80gb mod
    Iphone 4s_64gb
    HM 801
    QLS QA350 mod
    Ibasso dx100
    Rio Karma
    iRiver IHP120 coax mod
    Onkyo ND-S1 mod oscon SP
    iRiver AK-100 mod Stage8 with Coax output
    iRiver AK-240SS; AK-380+Amp.
    dB1 & dB2 ibasso dac
    Venturecraft DD1 muses01
    Chord Hugo TT dac/amp; Chord Mojo 020405
    Cayin N6 and N5
    Cable Inventory:
    diy LOD ipod with- 8Braid cable
    diy LOD ipod with- van den hul tone arm cable
    diy mini2mini van den hul & silver cable 8braid
    diy RCA eichman silver bullet+silver cable 16 braid
    Other Audio Equipment:
    onkyo TX DS 989, Heco int plus mod and Audio Nirvana 8"
    CDP cambridge
    Music Preferences:
    Vocal audiophille
    classic rock
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