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    Reply to review by 'pitsel' on item 'Burson Audio Supreme Sound Opamp V5i'

    Thanks, Very helpful, order V5i for PB2
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    iBasso PB-2 Pelican fully balanced portable, DB-2 Dac . . HiFlight recommended op amps page 16. .

    I always use in single mode with 2 buffer and 2 single TO-99 opa637
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    Cypher Labs AlgoRhythm Solo - Discussion and Impressions Thread

    @AnakChan, Try test with PC (Vaio) USB -> dB1 Hirose Balanced out to KobiConn balance in Rx Mk3 B-> headphones balance out Lcd2 NO hum issue with dB1 or Mk3-B touching either housing RxMk3-B gain Medium/high, low level or medium vol listening.
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