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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. DynamicEars
    ZS10 Pro actually pretty good in terms of technical abilities, They can handle complex tracks pretty well for budget price. Bass texture also nice, the sub bass also nice and no bleeds like usual chifi and earlier stage of KZs. If KZX have upgrades, I would suggest for more refine treble section, details but smooth and non piercing non tiring and tonality from low mids until highs. Their BAs still have very steely / weird tonality. I hope they are improving this.
  2. Assimilator702
    Thank @KopiOkaya who informed me of the release date on his YouTube page. He told me the 19th which for some reason I thought was Tuesday. I realized today was indeed the 19th once I had my coffee in me. I would have posted much earlier since I was up at the crack of dawn.
  3. baskingshark
    Yep +1 to this.
    ZS10 Pro is my favourite KZ IEM thus far, good allrounder.
    Agree it can do with more refinement in the treble. Some instruments in the treble sound a bit artificial as you say, but this is just a small nitpick from me. I suspect it has to do with the BA drivers they are using - are they Bellsings? I personally think Knowles drivers have a bit more accurate tonality but they are definitely more expensive. Well nothing much to complain about the ZS10 Pro at their cheap price range, great price to performance ratio IMHO.
  4. LaughMoreDaily
    Is your ZS10 Pro still a necessary listen when you have much better iems?

    RE: Favourite IEMs: Audiosense T800, TFZ No. 3, Toneking Nine Tails, KZ ZS10 Pro, DT6, Sony MH755
  5. baskingshark
    Haha we all have a stash of IEMs for different genres/moods. I probably need to see a psychologist for my IEM hoarding tendencies lol.

    I use the ZS10 pro for more outdoor and robust activities where it has good isolation and I wouldn't cry if it does get damaged.
  6. LaughMoreDaily
    Thanks for the re-post. I think I bought the ZS6 v3 as they sound nothing like what people experience with the v1. I'm putting mine in the permanent closet... so sad. They sound terrible. I liked my ATR better.
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  7. Makahl
    Even though they aren't perfect at the treble timbre, it really amazes me sometimes its technical abilities. I don't even listen to Dio that much nowadays, but I was listening to Dio - The Last In Line and the intro part there's a small detail (similar to a fast metronome) on the right side, not even KPE and Oxygen could handle this detail so clearly. Also, cutting some dBs off at highs it makes the treble less steely IMO, but I'm really lazy in EQing it for every source so... I kind of got used to it, lol.
  8. Assimilator702
    NiceHCK looks to have the best price on the ZSX. I had them in my cart from the Official KZ store already but was waiting to see if a few other stores would have a better price in the coming days. On the results list NiceHCK store had the most expensive price @ $56.25. Clicking on the page shows a much better price Fans Exclusive price. And I must have clicked on the page within seconds of the price drop since I was going back and forth making notes of which stores had them. Boy was that a magical feeling seeing the price drop to $38 from $56.
    One thing to add as per the KZ Twitter page the Black will be in stock within 7 to 10 days while the purple and cyan are yet to be determined. Here the screenshot from the app. Screenshot_2019-08-19-23-24-28.png
  9. baskingshark
    Lol TRN V90 and KZ terminator are at each others' throats with this fan exclusive discount, both about ~39ish USD. Both multi driver IEMs and both released on same day (not sure if KZ and TRN knew about their competitor's release schedule). Well this can only be good for us consumers on the ground.
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  10. courierdriver
    +2! Still love my 10 PRO. Got a few sets of great iems, but the ZS10 PRO is still my favorite, fun, daily driver. Sounds great with the music I listen to (which is mostly old school rock from the 70's-90's, late 70's disco/funk...and pretty much anything else that's got a good beat). I've got hundreds of CD'S that I've ripped to FLAC or WMA, and am enjoying. I also got Spotify premium, which let's me listen to old or newer music, that I may eventually buy in CD format to rip.
  11. DynamicEars
    Yes off tonality is caused by their BA apparently. Yes i cant complain much since theyre on budget class that really bring great value to us. Just my 2 cents for KZ improvement in the future. But i think its difficult because its not about tuning, its from BA character tonality
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  12. courierdriver
    Not sure of the exact size, but any tips with a 4.5-7mm core will fit. I have Spinfits (CP145) that will work, but I personally don't prefer silicon tips. I've got many from all the iems I've got and don't like how they seal to provide a good bass response. I'm a memory foam guy myself. I particularly like the Newbee foams. They are smooth and comfortable (unlike Complys or Dekoni Bullets, which scratch the hell out of the insides of my ears and make me wanna take them out after a half hour or so), and really conform comfortably to my ears. They also have a wide bore, so you don't miss out on the mids and highs, yet give good isolation and bring forth the bass capability. Newbee also has a 6 set combo set, with 3 sets of silicones and 3 sets of foams. I've got this set, and I think it's around $8 or so. It's definitely worth checking out. Again, I'm more of a foam guy; but after owning Complys (at $26 from Amazon, for 1 set of S,M,L) and disliking they're comfort and how they muddied the sound, I switched to Newbee's...and haven't looked back.
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  13. courierdriver
    Yup, I agree. ZS10 PRO is around $45 CDN right now, on Ali. If they got into some horrible accident, I could easily replace them. Fun sound quality is stellar, though. I often have to force myself to NOT reach for these, and give attention to my other iems. Lol!
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  14. DynamicEars
    Yes advantage of multi driver with BA IEMs clearly on instrument separation, micro details, and ability to handle complex tracks without sounds congested or distorded even at high volume. I feel that too, I've stated that zS10 Pro a bit more detailed than my KP. Even actually tfz no 3 have more details than KP, only mid bass section that too much for me.

    But unlucky for me that im concern about natural timbre, and too bad zs10 pro have that disadvantage. They can improve, not that im complain for the price, just my 2 cents for better future right?
  15. LaughMoreDaily
    ZS10 Pro doesnt sound as natural as you want? :frowning2:

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