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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. DynamicEars
    That's the trend dude. But for me, i just straight away to tell that timbre is off, but not lacking trebles, trebles are way too much for my taste. They have great technicalities, great value, but compared to higher tier IEMS they sound harsher. They're getting better but not quite smooth as BQEYZ yet, or tinhifi's

    this is true, my comments about ZS10 PRO is mimic yours. I have T2, they are on bright side because lacking bass for my taste but trebles are not aggresive and rough. Tonality is good on T2.

    If Kanas Pro is your first above $100 iems, you'll be surprised and regret. Regret that you've spend too much on budget level iems that buy more sidegrade rather than significant upgrade. And KP will make you realize and starting point to listen on another level IEM. But instead i also recommend KXXS, its a slight refinement of KP with thicker mids and a slight touch of mid bass to complete overall signature. ( I don't have KXXS because I already own KP but you check there is a lot of comparison on the moondrop thread)

    Anyway, looking forward to KZX impressions and reviews
  2. Crandall
    Would be the first, luckily I can count all the IEMs I've bought in the last 15 years on one hand. (Senn cx300, brainwavz m2, KZ AS10 & ZS7)
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  3. SoundChoice
    Congratulations: you have successfully fact-checked hyperbole.
  4. courierdriver
    I agree, which is why I have yet to buy anything from Drop. My brother in law has bought several items from them over the years, and he has told me that he has always been dinged with extra duties and taxes. That's on top of the currency conversion from USD to CDN $. I never feel like anything is a good deal with them, especially since I'm in Canada. Everything ends up costing more than I can get it from Amazon or Aliexpress.
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  5. courierdriver
    I feel the opposite as I like foams more than silicones because every silicon tips I've tried, makes the insides of my ears sweat. With that said though, I have also experienced itchiness with certain foams like from Comply and Dekoni. Only foams I like and use on all of my iems is Newbee foams. They have a nice smooth texture and are comfortable to wear for hours. My ears don't sweat with these, and they are easy enough to clean. Quite inexpensive also compared to alot of popular silicones like Spinfits and foams from Comply.
  6. Unolord
    I got the Macaw GT600S from Massdrop back in January. Wasn't hit with duties but from what I've read/heard, my order slipped through duty free and that isn't the norm.
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  7. courierdriver
    Yeah, you got lucky and must of slipped through the cracks that day. Congrats!
  8. Unolord
    I know, right.

    I've held off buying several drops in the past due to the risk of duties. I don't mind the tax so much as the bogus "handling fee" that gets tacked on.

    Now I just avoid drops because the deals are generally not there for the stuff I want. I got my ZS10 Pros off Gearbest for a cheaper price than Drop. I think it was even cheaper on AliExpress at the time.
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  9. Zerohour88
    Thanks. I like to call out bull hyperbole.
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  10. LaughMoreDaily
    I don't like my ZS6 v3 but I will try to bring life back into it. I have six unused cables from various sources... mostly stock KZ cables and I will try my best to make these sound usable once and for all!
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  11. igorneumann
    Dunno, Im not excited about the Terminator...

    I think after so many years hoarding KZs, I got numb about drivers count and was looking at BETTER drivers (knowles BA).
  12. LaughMoreDaily
    Me neither, I've bought too many KZ's that I was probably the one that paid the R&D for the TSX.:wink:

    Who knows maybe they'll hit a home run? The price is sure affordable.

    If they aren't good people will call the TSX, the Turdinator's.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
  13. igorneumann
    The sad thing is that, we will just know if its a homerun in about 3-4 months.
    I mean, doesnt matter how bad it sounds everyone will say its awesome on launch.

    For my next (non-kz) acquisition Im really between the Trii i4 for those sweet knowles BA or the NiceHCK NX7 because im a sucker for overcomplicated crap.
    (Yeah, that "im over driver count" apparently is nulled when you trow in yet another driver tech mixed)
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  14. baskingshark
    I'm with u guys on the terminator. Of the new CHIFI IEMs that just launched or are gonna launch, I'm more excited about the BQEYZ Spring 1 and TRN V90. The terminator is the least interesting to me unfortunately.

    There was a point in time like 2 years ago when I was eagerly anticipating the next KZ launch, but now I'm getting fatigued by all the side grades coming out every few weeks from KZ. KZ was the pioneer that ushered in the budget CHIFI industry but I'm sad to say some other budget CHIFI brands have caught up or even overtaken KZ in terms of their tuning.

    Having said that, the price is quite good for a new launch multi driver IEM. I do wish KZ well and hope this can be a giant killer, but based on their recent track record, I'm gonna wait for reviews first.
  15. igorneumann
    A bit offtopic as its a TRN comment, but Im not holding my breath on the v90 neither...

    For 2 reasons:

    1 - They alternate on launching a good looking IEM and a ugly one...

    V10 - Awesome looks (wish it sounded as good)
    V20 - Is that a cheapo space heater?
    V30 - Errr... nice As10 clone, I guess
    V60 - Thats weird bro... Disjointed and uninspired
    V80 - Awesome look
    V90 - Meh

    2 - The TRN 2019 line sounds worse than their 2018 line...
    IM1 and v80 (2018) are among my favourite IEMs...
    IM2 and x6 aare a big letdown, and not a cheap one in the x6.

    So I expect this one to have a bassless uninspired signature if they keep up with their awful 2019 trend and it looks line the v20 Space heater had a baby wioth the v60 disjointed shape.

    Thats it, TRN needs to get their s*** together.
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