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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. clerkpalmer
    Nice collection. What’s your favorite sub 200 iem? Fun and musical versus accurate and balanced.
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  2. Podster
    Excellent question and you have to remember this is based on my ears and I've always said we all hear them differently but my two faves sub $200 are the Tone King 9 Tails and the Kinera IDUN's but my trusty A4's IMHO can hang with either (I got my A4's for $195 before they jumped up upon popularity)!

    I also agree with @Assimilator702 that the T2's are far from any kind of a treble cannon and as a matter a fact these two have always been a dead draw for my hearing if that can give anyone the area (range) I hear in:wink:

    A Draw I Tell Ya.JPG

    Problem is/was the T2's are the most ill fitting iem I've ever had and guess it's just my ear shape, they are so painful for me to just seat them much less wear them and my old D2000's were about the same shape but I could wear them! (Long since been gifted away)
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
  3. MacAttack7
    That's funny. I was planning on buying a cheap pair of earphones for work such as the KZ ED9, but then I get brainwashed by all of the praise & hype for the KZ ZS10 Pro, and I just can't bring myself to buy the cheap pair when this one is so much better & still a "reasonable" price.
    So my budget goes from $12 to $40 for something I never even wanted or needed to begin with.
    I told my girlfriend I always fall for this & in a few weeks there will be nothing but negative comments, but I just can't help myself.

    I did the same thing with the ED16. There was nothing but praise. Now it sucks I guess. :)
    I actually just started liking it after all this time. I could never get a snug fit with it in my right ear, but now I finally tried double-flange eartips for the first time & all is well.
    I don't even know how you all tell the difference between these earphones. ED16 sounds good to me. ZS10 Pro sounds good to me. I couldn't really tell you what's different about them.
    All I know for sure is that soon they will both be hated.
  4. citral23
    I hate foam tips. Just touching them gives me EBOLA.

    And I'm only judging the T2 treble on its frequency response, it's been posted on numerous places all over the internet. While it doesn't say how's the tonality, it gives a decent idea if one will like it or not. Pass for me, YMMV.
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  5. mbwilson111
    I thought I was the only one. I cannot stand to touch foam tips either...and yet, I sometimes wear foam earplugs for sleeping.. They have a different feel.
  6. Assimilator702
    You can’t judge tonality or timbre accuracy from a frequency response graph. You can have 2 sets with exact FR but sound completely different.
    I resisted trying the Tin T2 and just tried them for the first time this month. Other than the fit which is not the best the sound is miles above anything in the budget category and can easily compete with $140+ sets. DMG I’m looking at you. You can grab them on AE for less than $30 and it’s the iem sound wise ......not considering the fit since it’s truely awful......I would recommend to ANYONE that enjoys listening to music.
    Last edited: Aug 23, 2019
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  7. citral23
    Yes, I said it doesn't say anything about tonality nor timbre. Reading 101. You don't *have to* shill it so hard you know.
  8. Assimilator702
    Who’s shilling? You said frequency response. That’s what I was referencing. Reading 101.
  9. citral23
    What's so hard to understand? Frequency response tells me how much bass/mids/treble there is, at which frequencies. Not how bass/mids/treble will sound (tonality/timbre). Plastic, organic, in your face, laid back etc.

    The T2 has a LOT of treble. And little bass. Some people don't hear treble much, it decays with age also, so it doesn't bother them. Again, YMMV. We're all different.

    Allow me to make an analogy : some people don't hear the bass roll-off of the 100 ohms Zishan Z2 on low z iems, and recommend it to everyone. Ok, but it's not because they can't hear it that it isn't there, and it's therefore not really a universal recommendation. Imo.
    Last edited: Aug 20, 2019
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  10. Podster
    ?, Shill or hype? I won't and would not hype any iem but I also don't trust graphs simply because we all hear them differently and I do stand by my statement regardless of what so many other have reported the T2 is far from any kind of a treble cannon and for my ears sometimes they sound dark. Not sure I agree they can take out any $200 iem's but for sure they are worth their asking price IMO. That answer :confused: me as if any iem was a treble cannon it would for sure affect both tonality and timbre:thinking:
  11. Podster
    Ah, I get your point now:thumbsup:
  12. moisespr123
    Ordered the ZSX. Hope they don't disappoint!
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  13. Mouseman
    You're not alone in this. I hate foam tips, and tried several brands. I wear double or triple flange earplugs sometimes, but don't like foam in my ears, either.
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  14. BadReligionPunk
    Yup. I cant do foam tips either. They just irritate me and end up itching so bad I have to constantly take them out and finger bang my earhole. More power to peeps that can use em. I really wanted to use them back when I was treble sensitive, but just couldn't get used to them.
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  15. Nailzs
    Love me some foam tips! Love my memory foam pillow too!
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