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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. baskingshark
    Yep agree there is always that caveat, but I think there are more misses than hits recently, especially for KZ.

    The recent strange price increase to me was that of the DT6 from 19ish USD to 27 USD, and it happened many months after release lol.
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  2. SoundChoice
    ZS10 Pro: Generally praised and withstood the test of time and many diverse listeners
    Every new IEM review: "Thanks to Judy at Marketmania for the free sample, these are amazing!"

    Given that the initial ZSX reviews will be like the latter, the safer wager is to go with the ZS10 Pro.

    It's possible that KZ caught lightning in a bottle twice in a row, but that's generally not the way to bet in Sidegrade City.
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  3. baskingshark
    This special ZSX price is a "fan exclusive discount" if you follow the NICEHCK store on the aliexpress app. The TRN V90 is similarly discounted.
    I suspect these fan discounts will expire by next week once some buyers grab those, and they will be back to more expensive prices.
    That's nevertheless good price IMHO but I have too many multi driver CHIFI IEMs, so I've gotta control my trigger finger and wait for reviews. Too many pokemon KZs in my stable lol.
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  4. igorneumann
    Oh, Im glad to know Its nicer in hands than the photos. :)

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  5. Podster
    Well what I've seen over the years with KZ and of course it sparks release after release or upgrade re-release is they tend to do a quick fixes based off a lot of initial impressions from this community alone! The ZS3 got fixed IMO with the ZS4, the ZSN got fixed (by a long shot by me) the ZS10 Pro and then there are models that took multiple steps like the ZS5 V1/V2, ZS6 and on to what I consider the pinnacle of KZ semi copy shell with the ZS7. Different in sound signature to the ZS10 Pro however with the right genre's they both have the strengths to make them on level par but once again let me say that is to my ears and of course YMMV:wink: This also coming from someone who never bought one of the teardrop models with the visible circuit boards through the faceplate because they just did not appeal to me sorta like the CC iem's I never bought those because I did not care much for the look and by all accounts and what I've read out here most have a KZ counterpart or something extremely close:grin: This is just a small sampling because they have really done this from early on with models like ATE etc.
    Last edited: Aug 21, 2019
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  6. youngarthur
    That was a very good idea, which I didn't think of, but I threw them away in disgust!!.
  7. Podster
    Nothing like a negative social media post to get ones attention:thinking:
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  8. Slater
  9. igorneumann
    I feel your pain...

    I actually checked your list today and it made feel so much better about my, moderate in comparison, hoarding habits.

    Thank you!
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  10. youngarthur
    Very sorry if I offended anyone.Posted out of frustration.
  11. Podster
    Not at all Arthur, I think it brilliant if one of the Chinese Vendors does not respond to issues turn up the heat by posting the event or problem where God and everyone can see they may or may not be what/who they claim to be especially when they might taught excellent customer support:beerchug:
  12. darmanastartes
    I will be getting both the ZSX and the V90 for review, so stay tuned for comparisons.
  13. baskingshark
    Thanks for taking one for the team.
    Look forward to your reviews! Your previous reviews were great too.
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  14. nraymond
    Sorry to hear that. Not sure if you've physically thrown them in the trash, and of course I don't know the disposal/recycling rules where you are, but just a friendly reminder for folks that in a lot of places you can't put things with lithium batteries in the trash, they need to go to an e-waste recycler so they don't leach into ground water or get incinerated (of course the e-waste recycling situation is a complicated one, since it had been globally economical up until recently because of lax regulations in places like China... then in 2017 the documentary "Plastic China" came out which resulted in a new National Sword policy in China which prohibits many types of waste from entering the country which has effectively shuttered China as a destination for recycling... hopefully the countries of the world will figure out how to recycle things the right way for all our sakes, since shipping waste back overseas on container ships was kind of a crazy thing to do to begin with).
  15. KipNix
    I'm one of those who got on the Foam Bandwagon a while ago.
    I couldn't figure out why my new IEMs weren't giving me the "great sound" others were getting; missing bass and mids. I finally ditched my ego, went back to silicone tips that fit properly, and re-discovered the missing "greatness".
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