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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. KimChee
    I might try C18...though I like C16 well enough

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  2. KimChee
    I like C16 pretty well...was hoping C20 was a little better...right now ZS7/ZS10 Pro is my favorite budget offering...

    I don’t have any BT earphones so I’m curious about them...I know it’s not an adapter...3 hrs seems kind of crappy though...

  3. LaughMoreDaily
    Is the 16 core sound just more lively than the 8 core version? I've heard reports that the 8 core sounds better and it's cheaper.
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  4. billbishere
    They sound the same ... Unless they are broken. I have then yinoo 8 core and kbear 16 core.
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  5. KimChee
    I agree I like the 8 better, I’ve got it on my TF10 custom...16 is too big except home use so not my cup of tea...

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  6. LaughMoreDaily
    If a 16 core and 8 core sound the same then it's always best to buy the cheapest option...

    I don't understand why the 16 core doesn't sound better or is it just the NiceHCK model that sounds the same?
  7. xxAMAROKxx
    It's more about comfort for me. Thicker cable is more comfortable and less tangled. This cable sounds bassier and with tammed treble, For some KZ's its OK.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2019
  8. PhonoPhi
    There are different thicknesses of the cores, so 4-core can be thicker and more conductive than 8- and 16-cores.

    Cables are for the comfort (and nice look for me).

    For those who thinks that there are differences there are always blind tests and proper scientific measurements to convincingly demonstrate the difference.
    Since we do not see those demonstrations - everyone can make their own conclusions.

    P. S. At the same time, it is really great that there are different cables (and nice databases, such as made by @hakuzen ), so everyone can chose their level of enjoyment with the cables. :)
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2019
  9. courierdriver
    I'm with you on the ZS10 PRO! Absolutely love those iems, and find myself listening to them most often. I'm tempted to buy myself another set with a blue faceplate and the blue housing...just cause I think they would look cool and sound great. No regrets about the ZS10 PRO at all. I'm giving away another brand new set in the silver faceplate and black body, to someone in my family at Christmas. If I decide to get the blueface on blue body, that will make 3 sets I've purchased of the same model. I've never done anything like this before. Maybe I'm going crazy in my old age...or the ZS10 PRO is JUST THAT DAMN GOOD!.
  10. 1clearhead
    Yea, unfortunately that's what the owner told me. I would have liked to see a C20 and add it to my collection.
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  11. xxAMAROKxx
    I'm not sure, but what I can hear, one of the main defference between cables is at the soundstage. For example with silver cable, instruments are almost in my head, while with copper cable they are further. It's probably hard to measure that.
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  12. SiggyFraud
    Hi. I'm assuming this is the cable 064, right? Sorry for digging out such an old post, but I couldn't find a pic nor a link.

    16 core.png
  13. xxAMAROKxx
    Yes, its very soft and comfortable. Soundwise not extra detailed, but good choice for bright eims.
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  14. hakuzen
  15. SiggyFraud

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