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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. LaughMoreDaily
    The ZS7 sounds better than the BA10?
  2. igorneumann
    Those are just the 2 Im curious to try but havent bought them because of how the ZS6 ergonomics prevent me from using it much...

    There are many good sounding KZ models that arent trying to hurt you.
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  3. LamerDeluxe (tm)
    I have no fitting problems at all with the ZS7 and yes, they sound great, especially with electronic music. Exciting sound, deep bass with a good slam, nice 3D soundstage, treble doesn't sound accurate though. My DT6 still sounds better than all the KZ and CCA earphones I have, deep bass, very good detail and stereo phase.
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  4. Tonymac136
    Thanks for that. I've a selection of IEMs that all have the same nozzle size but helpfully none are listed in spinfit's compatibility chart!
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  5. baskingshark
    Ya the spinfit compatibility chart omits majority of the CHIFI budget brands. A better gauge is to go by the diameter that is in the compatibility chart, and go back and measure your own IEM nozzle diameter.
  6. billbishere
    I have been tip rolling on my KZ ZS10 Pros. My findings are a tip with a smaller bore opening seem to make things sound the very best for me. Takes away the symbance on some stuff I was getting and generally cleans things up. Takes the bite out of the harshness. I was using the JVC Spiral dots and switched to some New Bees. You can see in the photo the size difference. It's pretty significant.

  7. Aevum
    has anyone tried the new True Wireless headphones ?
  8. xxAMAROKxx
    Just ordered BA10. It should be more detailed (and more V-Shaped?) version of the AS10.

    Found out that this 16 core third party pure copper cable works great with the AS16, 12 or AS10 (little basshead) :) It has sufficient details, big soundstage and more bass.

    You only need to pinch that ugly plastic bead.
    Last edited: Aug 3, 2019
  9. actorlife
    No they just started shipping, hopefully next week or two. I'm on a tight budget and waiting for reviews myself. There is one on YouTube posted today in Thai, but I can't understand the language.
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  10. KimChee
    I know this is the KZ thread, but anyone heard anymore about the CCA C20 being released?
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  11. KimChee
    PS does anyone own the KZ T1? It’s only about $40, and I’d like to utilize the BT on a couple of my devices
  12. actorlife
  13. toddy0191
    Can't understand a word of this but his star ratings look pretty good at the end!

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  14. igorneumann
    No idea, but Im not excited a bit about it, the As16 reviews arent that good (the AS12 looks to be better) and I think the ever increasing BA count is having the expected result in the price but not in the sound.

    They are selling specs and at the same time entering in a pricepoint that just have better options around (some single driver, such as the Kanas Pro).

    KZ is king of the lower end and that quite a feat on itself, maybe in some years they will also be awesome in the high end, but I wouldnt hold my breath on its 1st models.

    Thats a tws earphome, not an adapter, you cant plug it in other devices... That said, KZ wasnt able to mando facture a single good BT adapter yet.
    Last edited: Jul 28, 2019
  15. PhonoPhi
    According to @1clearhead, who talked about C20 here, CCA's plan will be C12 about now and C18 in some near future ...

    I would have loved to see C20 happen, may try other IEMs instead.

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