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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. igorneumann
    I do have the ZSR, the vent hole info explains why do I hear so much more bass than the response curves indicate... guess any comparison would be useless then.

    What I dont have, but want to buy even knowing Ill not use, is the ZS7.
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  2. actorlife
  3. igorneumann
    So the logo is silver, not golden?
    It looks bigger than the ZST-ZS10 Pro (longer)
    And that eartip doesnt look "pacifier-grade"...
  4. Coldheart29
    This is nice to hear. Yeah, i keep thinking that i should get the zsr, will likely order them as soon as i'll get back from vacation. Wouldn't want them to arrive while i'm not at home :V.

    Then i think i might still get the ZS10 pro, they look like a quite fun, and might still be a bit smoother considering that the 3.5-4.5 range seems more in line with the rest of the frequencies compared to the ZST.

    But for now, i'll keep enjoying the ZST, definitely satisfied with the purchase, after all, by going down the KZ route i wasn't looking for the perfect iem for me (i would be looking at something like the earsonics velvet in that case, i think), but for something fun sounding and different from my "comfort zone".
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  5. shockdoc
    My Thai is REALLY rusty. Anybody care to translate for us? LOL
  6. pbui44
    Something about KZ T1 Wireless IEMs, Tom Yum soup, any dish with curry, and papaya salad being awesome.:laughing:
  7. macky112
    I did the tape mod on my ZS7, yes I have sinned...!
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  8. courierdriver
    That's a tough one to answer. You say that you'd be taking money from your HD6XX fund if you bought either ZS10 or ZS10 PRO. The HD6XX is a warm sounding headphone, with a kinda big soundstage, so I am assuming that you prefer that type of sound signature. If that's the case, then I would lean towards the ZS10. Be aware though, that this set has kinda big shells, so they may not fit your ears comfortably and it might be hard to get a good seal. The PRO has a better fit for most ears, but may sound a bit more forward, compared to the regular ZS10, and the HD6XX you are saving up for. I don't own the HD6XX/650 or the ZS10, but I have heard the 6XX/650. Personally, it's not my preferred sound sig (I like the 600 more, myself). ZS10 PRO is gonna give you a more fun and upfront sound sig, than the ZS10 I think. So, if you're leaning towards a warmer, big soundstage sound like 6XX, I'd go with the ZS10. The ZS10 PRO sounds more like a HD600, but with a better, more impactful bass. Again, remember that the ZS10 has a bigger shell, so getting a good fit might be a problem for some people.
  9. SoundChoice
    Shoving ZS10 non-Pros into a human ear is like trying to fit a lumberjack’s foot into a thimble.
  10. LaughMoreDaily
    I think we are starting to realise that buying too many KZ's is a dumb idea. I just gave a coworker 5 iems and I have 9 more iems for him. If credit cards didn't exist the money would still be in my wallet.
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2019
  11. baskingshark
    KZs are like pokemons. You gotta catch them all.
  12. PhonoPhi
    ... and then there are BA10s :)
  13. youngarthur
    Ive ordered the T1. We shall see.
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  14. BadReligionPunk
    Since buying my ZST which was my first foray into CHIFI, I am actually glad I ordered all the KZs that I did. It was a fun journey and I learned a lot. While I sold off most of them now, I ended up keeping the ES4 the EDR1, ED9 and ZSN. You can buy all 4 of these IEMs for about $33. That's amazing to me.

    Before that, and like most people, I was at the mercy of the big name brands. Of course they were all $100-$300 each. Pretty difficult pill to swallow buying something like that and not liking it. At the same time that's one reason EQ exist. :)

    Anyway here is a graph from a 2012 Audio Technica IEM that cost $230. It was highly praised as a great IEM and Rec'd here. Never heard one person bad talk the thing.

    My how much time has changed is the past few years. Thanks to KZ and other Chinese companies, making good sounding stuff affordable for people now.

    BTW, I have that IEM. Its comparable to ZS6/ZSA to me. Both of which can be picked up for about $35 now. :)
    Last edited: Jul 27, 2019
  15. xxAMAROKxx
    By KZ, it's ED16 and sometimes ZS10 Pro and ZS7.. I've never heard ZS5 or 6.
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