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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Tonymac136
    How do the ZS10 Pro compare to the original ZS10? I need another pair of budget IEMs like a hole in the head and it's taking money out of the HD6XX fund but I'd really like to know.
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  2. baskingshark
    Hi i gave a short summary about the difference between the original ZS10 and ZS10 Pro a few days ago:


    The ZS10 Pro is a big upgrade in sound, clarity and fit/comfort from the original. I actually have given my original ZS10 away after i got my ZS10 Pro. YMMV, but IMHO the Pro it is one of the best sub $50 usd IEMs in the market.
  3. Makahl
    For the people playing with ZS10 Pro vents, is there a way to achieve the ZS7's sub-bass with some tape modding? I was almost getting a ZS7 but I ended up picking another ZS10 Pro in blue and tbh the only thing I miss on 10 Pro is a tad more sub-bass extension (oomph) for electronic music.
  4. Slater
    Put a small piece of 3M micropore tape over the front vent (ie the little round white and black bullseye looking vent next to the nozzle).

    Be aware that this vent relieves ear canal pressure, so covering that vent may cause some additional driver flex (ie crinkle sound). If that happens, just hold your mouth open while inserting your earphones or use foam tips.
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  5. LaughMoreDaily
    I just ordered the entry-level Audiosense T180 for $35US. It's time for me to start seeing how KZ stacks up to other brands. #AKZHolicForNotMuchLonger?
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2019
  6. Coldheart29
    Sooo, i'm back with something like 15 hours on the ZST. Not much by any means, but i'm starting to getting a better idea about the sound signature.

    I've been playing a bit with EQing, and it turns out that by lowering the 3.5k and 4k band by about 4db i pretty much get the kind of sound i was looking for, just doing that removes any kind of fatigue-inducing harshness the ZST had. Been trying some other bands too, but it looks like those two are the biggest "issue", moving other things in the 2.5k to 8k range would more be about changing the sound towards what i normally seek, thus going against the reason i'm looking into brighter earphones, so i'm disregarding these other bands.
    So, keeping that in mind, i started doing some research, and it looks like the ZSR might have such a sound signature that i'd get what i'm looking for, possibly without using any EQ tuning (i'm the kind of guys that preferes to avoid using EQ as much as possible), since both from reviews and from frequency graphs it seems they have a nice steep dip right in the 3.5k to 4.5k area.
    Would anyone that has both the ZST and ZSR agree with my assumption?
    Also, if that's the case, what would be the path in upgrading along the KZ line? From what i've read around the zs10 pro might be a bit too bright for me.
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  7. pbui44
    Join the club. Just kidding, you can never leave KZ!!!! :wink:
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  8. PhonoPhi
    Then there is always CCA :)
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  9. Aparker2005
    Hey guys. Wife is wanting ear pods for her iPhone. Not having researched wireless or Bluetooth headphones, does kz have anything you recommend?

    Preferably not iem style like I use for my drums ie zs10 pro, but something maybe a little less intrusive? Open to all options but I've fallen in love with kz so thought they may have something. Thanks!
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  10. courierdriver
    Yeah, it was a few days ago, at least. I'd love to get a set of these too, but the housings are sooo big! I like smaller iems with long stems for comfort. I just don't think these would fit me well.
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  11. courierdriver
    You have a nice source shown in your pic, and the other sources and gear you show in your sig, are also excellent. Enjoy your ZS10 PRO! From my first listen, I thought they sounded excellent, and VERY addictive. I've got many hours on mine, and I think they sound better as they break in, and time goes on. Listened to them again last night for over 3.5 hours. I have many other iems and headphones I could pick up and listen to...but these are always my go to. They got the tuning right with these, and the fit is great! It's saying something when you can listen for hours, and not wanna yank them outta your ears after 30 minutes.
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  12. coflaes
    Zs10 pro is better than nicehck nx7?
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  13. courierdriver
    I can't compare the 2 yet...I only ordered the NX7 2 days ago. Don't have them yet, but I can definitely say the ZS10 PRO is spectacular. Generally speaking, I like my Moondrop KPE better for bass detail presentation, but the ZS10 PRO is, imho, better than the TFZ No.3. I am not convinced that the No.3 is better than the KPE, and the KZ has better detail retrieval than the No.3. The No.3 has good bass, but at the expense of high end treble detail and definition. Everything seems too far back, or recessed for my liking. KZ ZS10 PRO is more forward and has better details in the mids and highs. Maybe I'm weird, but I like the KZ because it enhances the mids and highs, compared to the KPE and at the same time, presents a bit more warmth in that region. NX7 looks like it will have better details and highs compared to the other 3, with maybe a slightly reduced bass...but according to others, this can be compensated for with a bit of EQ. I will post my impressions of the NX7 when I get them, and have had some time with them. Till then...ZS10 PRO is my favourite!
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  14. LaughMoreDaily
    Has anyone tried the new gold mix KZ cable with the CCA C10? The copper mix KZ sounds great but maybe gold is better?

    I found the ZSN body doesn't isolate well even with the JVC Spiral Dots. The ZS7 body is perfect though. Am I the only one with weird ears?
  15. baskingshark
    Based on reviews on amazon japan (using google translate), the NX7 seems to have not enough bass and there are some complaints about defects in the build quality. But some headfiers say the stock tips are the ones causing the loss of bass, and tip rolling to a suitable eartip will help the bass.
    Look forward to your impressions about it. It looks interesting as it has a piezo driver inside.
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