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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Dcell7
    As always i am looking forward to your impressions. I have recommended your website to a co-worker today. He is not into TWS yet but maybe soon he will be :jecklinsmile:
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  2. Bartig
    That's awesome! :D
  3. Nimweth
    I have the ZSN Pro and the ZS7. Would it be worth getting the ZS10 Pro? I had the original ZS10 and didn't like it. The CCA C10 has the same drivers as the ZS10 Pro and I have that as well. I have read that the ZS10 Pro and ZSN Pro sound similar. Answers would be welcome!
  4. baskingshark
    I don't have the others but I have both ZS10 original and the ZS10 Pro and definitely they are different animals.

    The build/ergonomics/fit/details/clarity/separation of instruments/resolution are improved on the ZS10 Pro. Maybe the only aspects the original ZS10 wins is a slightly bigger soundstage and a louder bass (but the bass of original ZS10 is muddy and not as responsive).

    The ZS10 Pro IMHO is one of the best sub $50 IEM in the market today, very happy with it.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
  5. Nimweth
    Thank you. Ideally I would like someone to compare ZS7 with ZS10 Pro and C10.
  6. Coldheart29
    Just received my ZST pro, so i'll go ahead with my first impressions.

    First of all, they look great. Love the colourfull shell, and the copper wire is really nice (one question tho, does it tend to oxidize and become green like the infamous transparent shure cable?). Packaging was nice too. The way they're packed and presented rivals that of other iems i've had that cost more, like the sony ex450 (minus the pouch, bat not a big deal considering these cost less than half the price), and it's a nicer packaging that that of the se215 IIRC.
    The earpieces are also quite comfortable, and light. And the included eartips seem to work well, tho i think i'll get some foam ones, as i haven't used iems in almost 3 years, and before that i'd been using some se215s, with shure's foam tips, thus i'm no longer used at all to silicone tips.

    Now, for the important part: sound.
    I wasn't expecting that rumble in the lower frequencies, but i like it, it doesn't sound overly enhanced. Mids can sound a bit dry at times, but are overall fine. And i quite like the highs. I was afraid i'd find an overly bright/harsh iem, but i'm pleased to say that while bright, the ZST doesn't seem to be overly so, nor does it feel particularly tiring. I've also noticed a decent imaging ability.
    Isolation is great, on par with the shure se215, if not better.

    As for music genres, it's working great with electronic/EDM. With metal it's been a bit hit and miss, mostly depending on which exact kind of metal you play. Tried listening to "Bohemian rhapsody", and it felt a bit thin, but not terrible by any means. Stuff like "supermassive black hole" by Muse sounds great on the other hand.

    Now, as i said, these are just first impressions, will have to see how the ZST responds to burn in, then i'll give some final impressions after i'll have at least 20 hours on them. All in all, i'm really pleased by this purchase, and will very likely buy more KZ earphones. The zs10 pro are starting to look really tempting now.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
  7. Mouseman
    My only concern with the TWS buds are the battery life -- it says only 3 hours...that doesn't work well for me, but I know that it probably takes more power for two drivers. Well, that and the fact that they call it on the Ali page a "Public Beta". I'm not sure I want to be a guinea pig.

    Oh, who am I kidding....I'm sure I'll buy a pair.
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  8. B9Scrambler
    USB-C takes time to implement, for the vast majority of products offers no real benefit save for better durability, and adds unnecessarily to the cost. That's why it's usually reserved for more expensive stuff. Micro-usb is perfectly fine for this application.
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  9. Mybutthurts
    I don't have the zs7, but have both the C10 & ZS10Pro.

    If they have the same drivers then they tuned differently.
    C10 is more recessed or congested to my ears, bass is there but not as powerful as Pro, less kick too.
    Vocals are more forward on the Pro.
    Their differences are quite small but I prefer the Pro, its more musical and involving. C10 somewhat analytical by comparison.
    In simple terms it sounds better...IMHO
  10. igorneumann
    "Make it fully optimal" is the same slogan in the Mifo / TFZ TWS IEMs...

    There is some link here to be found...
  11. igorneumann
    Its being literally called "public beta version"... What could go wrong?
    That said, the "Make it fully optimal" makes me believe they are being designed/manufactured at the same factory as the TFZ/MIFO.

    BY the way, there is info about the codecs... SBC/AAC

    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
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  12. Nimweth
    Thank you. Yes, that's what I think of the C10, it's actually a bit boring compared to the ZS7, and it seems like the ZS10 Pro is similar to the ZS7 in that it is more exciting with a powerful bass. Probably not worth getting the 10 Pro, might go for something different like the NX7 or Spring 1!
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  13. steviewonderbread
    I definitely agree with this analysis. I found the C10 to be "boring," not in the way that my Tin T2 are, where more detail shines through with lack of a V-shape, but rather just uninvolved.

    With the ZS7, which I still do use, I notice a deeper and slightly less crowded soundstage than the ZS10P. However, the bass is less controlled and higher vocals are often uncomfortable in comparison.
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  14. Nimweth
    That's great, I actually like the bass on the ZS7 a lot, so I will not get the ZS10 Pro.
  15. citral23
    I have ZSN pro, ZS7 and ZS10 pro, the ZSN pro is just ok for its price but not much more imo. Its bass is 1) too much and 2) waayyyy toooo sloooowwwwwwww and you can't listen to it loud it gets very screamy and fatiguing. It's reserved for jogging, walking in the rain etc...

    The ZS7 is quite nice on distorted guitars and EDM, but not so much on acoustic music for me, mids sound "plastic" or "unnatural" on trumpet, sax etc. I also have a problem with the fit, that my ears hurt after a few hours (like 2-3 hours) because the shell is rubbing against them and they get hot/red.

    The ZS10 pro is very similar to the ZS7 but has a bit less sub I think, bass is tighter and faster. Otherwise quite similar, but I can wear them 6 hours no problem, fit is perfect. If I had to own only one it would be that one over ZS7.

    A bigger difference to the ZS7, rather than a ZS10, would be a Bqeyz KB100, that sounds much more natural and is much nicer (to me) for acoustic music. Altho maybe slightly boring (but very non-fatiguing so there's that). It is more source dependant than KZ, tho, sounds kind of dull with my phone, but nice and lively with my zishan. YMMV.

    Maybe other BQEYZ models but I don't know them so can't really comment.

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