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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. actorlife
    Seems like they mixed the ZST and es4. Was supposed to be ZST. Nope never heard the es4. Get the ZST.
  2. igorneumann
    I love the ES4, and I think it was the best $15 (Aliexpress) earphone before the ZSN came to town.
    It does have enough treble.
  3. actorlife
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
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  4. auraldesire95
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  5. raccoon city
    That's a good price.
    It's about $12 on AliExpress.
    I don't find the ES4 to be harsh.
    It is lacking annoying treble, though, which is why I like it so much. [​IMG]
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  6. harry501501
    Wonder if KZ will ever delve in to a ceramic driver or planar magnetic?!
  7. Slater
    I’d like to see them delve back into full size headphones (like the LP2):

  8. LaughMoreDaily
    I have the CCA C10 and the KZ ZS7. Would the ZS10 Pro be a waste of money to buy?
  9. PhonoPhi
    It depends, as usual.
    I do not have KZ ZS7 to comment.
    CCA C10 is definitely more timid, analytical, warmer with more mid-bass (it suits more for classical music) compared to energetic ZS10 pro that, in my subjective opinion, suits more for electronic music.
    I feel the best answer that I can give - if you like the energetic ZSN signature and want more resolution and tighter punchy bass - then ZS10 pro may be worthwhile.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
  10. macky112
    I’ll compare the ZS7 and the ZS10 Pro:
    - ZS10 Pro is the more balanced of the two, ZS7 has more bass and less treble. Mids are similar but may sound more forward on the ZS10 Pro due to its treble
    - I feel the clarity and the resolution are very similar, I can hear all of the details but each iem presents those details at different loudness
    - I feel ZS7 has a deeper soundstage and ZS10 Pro has a wider soundstage
    - oh that ZS7 sub bass!
    - I feel their tuning differences can be achieved via EQing

    So if you don’t have either one, and if you are a bass head, get ZS7, otherwise get ZS10 Pro. If you already have one of these, they are similar enough to be what I would call EQ siblings

    Just my humble unprofessional comparo XD
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  11. igorneumann
    Kz zs10 pro is NEVER a waste of money, buy it.
  12. igorneumann
    I would love to see them making their own designs...

    For what I understood just the LP3 wasn't a copycat and that one was awful.
  13. xxAMAROKxx
    You are right, it's about genres we are listening to, about our preferences. Also our sources are crucial.
    For rock sub-genres I like, The upside down U character is very listenable. I could see that the AS12 would be suitable for anything else.
  14. Nimweth
    Yes, it's the sub bass that clinches it, I'm not a 'basshead', but electronic music sounds amazing on the ZS7. I have the Tin T3 for when I am listening to classical music and other genres.
  15. archdawg
    Same here with my El Cheapos. More often than not even the EDR1 or 2 (with some little EQing) seem to resonate better with the moment than more sophisticated IEMs that cost me up to a couple hundred times as much. Viva variety ...

    BTW, one (or more?) BAs in the right earpiece of my ZS7 suddenly stopped working. I didn't drop them, no issues with humidity or sweat either but there's almost no more highs/treble and way less upper mids. I checked the cable, ran some sine sweeps through them and I guess it's the 30095 that died. I didn't like the treble on the 7s too much anyway and with a bunch of Knowles 30095 lying around here I might as well replace them on both sides. I ordered a new set already, can't live without those bangers, lol.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019

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