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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Mybutthurts
    Look good and not that dissimilar to these.

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  2. Mlaihk
    I have been using the AS16 and ZS10pro for a week now. The ZS10pro is absolutely fantastic! I prefer the sound over the AS16, better defined bass and bass presence. Treble seems to be done just right. The AS16 sounded off to me. The bass not quite there even with foam or AET07 tips. And seems too bright in the treble so the sound profile is quite thin. Seems that zs10 pro is a lot more enjoyable than thr AS16 for me.

    Also, the output ports on thr AS16 is way too long for me and I really can't get a proper fit with them despite tip rolling for the whole week with comply/spinfits/AET07/AET08/Final E of various sizes. I guess AS16 is my first iem that I can't get a proper fit with.......
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
  3. harry501501
    You should let the as16 burn in. I was never a believer to physical burn in but after being able to compare the ccac10 ootb with one with 100hrs plus was staggering how much change there was in the bass. The zs10pro my favourite kz by a mile. I use medium double flanges that do best for detail and making sure that gorgeous bass is still there. Spin fits didn't pair well for me
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
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  4. tnelmo
    I'm dredging up a very old post, sorry.

    @Slater , does the EDR1 also use the 4.0mm mesh nozzle screen? I ruined one of mine while trying to use thermoplastic to make a CIEM. I had cut some painter's tape to protect it, but it either fell off or I failed to put it on.

    Have you seen the KZ red version screen anywhere for sale? I found some stainless mesh on AE thanks to a link on another Head-fi post. Would I be better off changing both sides to the stainless mesh, or would the sound be that much different with one stainless screen and one red fabric screen?
  5. Slater
    On the EDR1, 4.0mm screens fit perfectly.

    As far as using one type on 1 side and a different type on the other, no you want to use both the same type. So either red screens on both sides or stainless screens on both sides (but not 1 of each).

    As far as red vs stainless, I actually prefer the EDR1 with stainless screens. So don’t worry too much about losing a red one.

    And no, I’ve never seen the red ones for sale by themselves. Just get the stainless mesh ones and you’ll be fine :)
  6. steviewonderbread
    I've fallen in love with my ZS10 Pro. I think I saw someone mention they literally are staying up late just to listen to them in bed and I've been "struggling" with the same problem!

    I see you have quite the high-end collection of IEMs in your sig; how well do you think these KZ's perform above their price point, if at all?
  7. Makahl
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
  8. Mouseman
    Arghhh! You're not making it easy to avoid buying that beautiful blue ZS10. :ksc75smile:
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  9. mbwilson111

    I was actually hoping it would be shiny. I think I will wait until some of our best photographers share real life photos.

    I am still thinking about waiting for a shiny purple faceplate... a true royal purple

    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
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  10. Makahl
    I'd bet it's brushed steel finishing. Shiny is such an eye candy but... fingerprints everywhere kind of bothers me and my OCD for cleaning. But let's see I think soon people will receive it and share better quality pics!
  11. Slater
    I’m a bit disappointed that KZ put that beautiful blue cover on the black ZS10 Pro body. It would have looked phenomenal on the blue-bodied ZS10 Pro IMO.

    Oh well, still very cool!
    Last edited: Jul 22, 2019
  12. Mouseman
    But those of us with blue shells can probably take off the face plates and switch them over. ....:metal:
  13. Mlaihk
    Well.... I am not a guru by any sense but cab share some thoughts....

    AS16 vs Andromeda/Andromeda S. Despite having 8ba vs 5ba in the Andro/Andro S, I feel that Andromeda is way better tuned than th AS16. The Andro has exceptional details in the highs, more forward vocals and tight, controlled bass with substance. AS16, well, sounds as it is.... Very Cheap. AS16 sounds very thin. It is very difficult to fit in my ear due to the long nostrils. The AS16 costs way more than then the ZS10pro. I regreted getting the AS16 given my arsenal of other IEMs. The T800 I reasonably got at a discount sound miles ahead of the AS16.
    Some may say this is an unfair comparison for the AS16, but my feeling is that if I were going for a 100 dollar iems for enjoyment, there are way better choices than AS16s. And I am not even going to compare soundstage between the AS16 and Andro, as THAT will be really unfair to the AS16.

    ZS10pro is way different. The bass is elevated but by no means approaching bass heads, which I like very much. The zS10 pro highs are not as detailed as the Andro/S and does not extend as high. But the ZS10pro has a certain musical appeal to me vs the very technical and accurate Andro S. For daily listening and, heaven forbid, movie watching, the ZS10pro is quite lovable. I find myself reaching for ZS10 pro quite frequently if I am just listening to normal quality streaming, youtubes, netflix where audio wasn't great and thr Andromeda will reveal any and a flaws in the audio. ZS10 pro seems to sound right and hides the audio flaws quite well with these sources.

    All in all, I am quite satisfied with the ZS10pro with its highly engaging and musical tuning, and at below USD50 it can't be beat for a daily iem. But the AS16, for me at least, fit issue is a problem and the sound just does not do it for me. AS16 is now a step away from my trash......

  14. Makahl
    Certainly, it looks a bit gaudy if you look the whole picture (golden nozzle, gray body, blue faceplate, copper cable) but wearing tips and a nice cable I think it'll look quite good actually. I got some black pentabit screws that I think will look awesome on them (similar to new CA Polaris).
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  15. baskingshark

    Yeah i agree that KZ does very well at the budget range (< $50 USD) for IEMs (I like my ZS10 Pro a lot). But now that they are trying to muscle into the territory of > $100 USD range IEMs, it is not just about dumping many drivers into a shell and hoping to compete with the bigboys. At that pricing, the AS16 has to compete with other better tuned stuff and the consumers at that price range are more discerning due to the costs.
    I really hope the KZ engineers can focus on good tuning rather than quickly churning out multi BA/hybrid IEMs every few weeks.

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