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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. Nimweth
    Thank you. I think I will stick with the ZS7, and look for something different.
  2. actorlife
    Looks like a amazon lightning sale on the ZST in an hour.
  3. actorlife
    Anyone think the T1 TWS are the ZST, but wireless?
  4. Slater
    Sure looks that way!

    Like all other KZ Bluetooth products, I’ll wait for others to try it 1st (as badly as I want to order it). I’ll be very curious once the reports start coming in though.
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
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  5. Assimilator702
    It’s funny you mention that. I’m listening to the AS10 right now with a few test tracks and there is a significant darkness to the treble. In fact while the overall treble range seems to be represented without anything missing there are many example I find where the AS10 doesn’t convey very important treble information. Listen to the Eminem track Good Guy off the Kamikaze release. At around the 9 second mark Eminem breathes in through his nose between words. The upper range of the breathe sound is missing or low enough where I don’t hear it on the AS10. That’s not an issue with any of my other sets. The defining identity of the AS10 which is a relaxed treble is its fatal flaw now that I hear this. Also listening to the Hiromi Trio Alive album much of the high frequency info that gives drums their attack sound when the stick hits the head is missing. The upper range of the snare drum is missing. The meat of the drum is loud but there’s no accompanying snare buzz. Also the China cymbal should be more forward in the mix and it’s not with the AS10. The upper midbass is also too loud. Anthony Jackson’s bass really sticks out which will lead to fatigue. I’m picturing the curve as I’m listening to music and it looks like a set of stairs with the midbass being the loudest followed by the midrange 3 dbs lower followed by the upper mids through the point of the treble cutoff. The lower midrange through the treble is simply too separated from the remainder of the spectrum. I honestly can’t see myself ever reaching for the AS10 ever again. Why would I when something as cheap as the CCA CA4 doesn’t have this problem?

    AS12 exhibits none of these problems. While the AS10 has a relaxed character for a variety of music if there’s a good amount of treble info it’s not the best choice. I can see the AS10 being a good choice for slow paced Classic Rock or Folk music but anything energetic with a good amount of treble energy it’s not on my short list anymore. I’m not trying to say that the AS10 are terrible but if you compare some of the examples I mentioned I’m not sure how you can say the AS12 is inferior to the AS10. My hearing tells me the AS10 is seriously lacking in areas where the AS12 is not.
    Last edited: Jul 24, 2019
  6. Dcell7

    The case does have a Mifo/TFZ vibe design-wise. Especially with the metal hinge.
  7. BrunoC
    The KZ AS10 needs a bright source. If I use a warm source the sound is very mid-bassy with ultra-recessed treble. Not good at all.

    The KZ ZS7 would be better with a more extended treble, it misses a good sparkle, which the ZS10 Pro has. The ZS10 Pro is sublime thanks to the good coherence. I don't feel missing a thing from subbass to high treble.
  8. igorneumann
    Also, the chamfer is about the same.
    I bought it.
  9. igorneumann
    The shell is probably derived from it but the dd driver is way smaller.
  10. igorneumann
    I couldnt resist and got it... Will let you guys know when it arrives.
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  11. Dani157
    KZ official store's description reads as public beta. I give this a benefit of doubt due to KZ's history of bad translation. Else, it's just a half-baked cookie dished out by KZ.
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  12. Slater
    All of these TW earphones use small drivers.

    Due to space limitations (is requiring the battery, magnets, circuit board, etc), I think 90% of them use ~6-ish mm micro drivers. Otherwise, everything wouldn’t fit inside the shell.
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  13. igorneumann
    I know, so we cant expect it to sound like a ZST,
    just trying to adjust expectations.

    I think I saw some 8mm TWS around but 6mm looks to be the standard.

    I hope they can squish some decent bass out of that, would hate to HAVE to buy the KZ T2 just because of its 8mm driver and its twin BA.

    That one will be good, but will have killer highs. That would be fixed in the v2 but unfortunately, will let a complete void in the highs around the 4000hz, everyone rushes to buy the unfixed V1 that everyone complained about, not long ago.

    The T3 will be good, with its 4 BA drivers and 8.5mm dd but would be too big to actually stay in your ear, it will also have pointy corners that will stab you at each step.

    Then the T4 isnt wireless at all, everyone scratches their heads.

    3 new brands appear on the market with the T1 and T3 with slightly different outer plate. One of them lacks BA drivers, some find out too late.

    They finally launch the GT1 thats what everyone expected the T4 to be, it lose 2 BAs but it fit human ears.

    Ps.: Spoiler alert
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2019
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  14. Slater
    To everyone ordering the KZ T1 - consider getting the ZSE deal (where you add $2 to the cost of the T1).

    The ZSE not a phenomenal earphone, but for $2 it's a steal and makes a great gift.
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  15. steviewonderbread
    Amazon lightning deal has ES4 for $14. Worth it? I see mixed perceptions of it either being too harsh or not enough treble (??)
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