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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. 40lb
    Give me some time, I'll try to do a short comparison before the month ends.
  2. steviewonderbread
    What's impressive about this iteration is that they outperform KZ's own similar-price options, but with better comfort. They are just pleasant to listen to and cost-effective. Those 2 criteria will make a lot of people happy, including myself. I'm sure a new flavor of the month will pop up soon though, this is KZ after all. :dt880smile:
  3. Slater
    Meh, my sentiments won’t change; the ZS10 Pro and ZS7 were my favorite KZs from the 1st time I heard them, and they still are.
  4. Mybutthurts
    Out of the box the ZS10Pro was for the price stunning and still is.
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  5. Mybutthurts
    Liking that cable.

    Where did you get it?
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  6. Hououin Kyouma
    Should I buy ZS10 PRO if I love ES4's bass, its tame treble but need more forward mids? Thanks :smile_phones: I really love ES4's sound signature (with silver cable and spiral dot tips)
  7. Zerohour88
    FWIW, crin rated the ZS10 Pro as "not bad". If a fervent KZ hater can like/not hate it, it stands up to the "hype", I'd say.
  8. Tweeters
    Price difference aside, can anyone compare the AS12 and ZS10 Pro?
  9. xxAMAROKxx
  10. 40lb
    Ordered both from Linsoul's through Amazon.
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  11. harry501501
    Didn't even know they did headphones?!
  12. Slater
    Yeah, they’ve done a few headphones over the years. Nothing recently though.
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  13. thebigredpolos
    Looks like it's the Tripowin C8 8-core from Linsoul. Links for Amazon and AliExpress here.
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  14. KimChee
    Still loving the KZ ZS7, especially with cable 130

  15. Slater
    FYI, that silver plated copper ‘tinsel wire’ is the same type of wire KZ uses on its 8-wire flat braided cable.
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