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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. mbwilson111
    It will be. I needed one with no ear guides because it will be for these.

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  2. Podster
    So I finally figured out the "B" in MB stands for Buds:rolling_eyes::scream::grin:
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  3. mbwilson111
    Yes, more and more I like them better than iems... the openess, the soundstage, and contrary to popular belief they do have bass and sub bass. It's all a matter of how you fit them and what foams you use.. or don't use.

    Just like with iems or certain styles of iems they might not work for every size ear.
    Last edited: Jul 11, 2019
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  4. Podster
    Ed Zachery:beerchug:
  5. Caipirina
    Late to the party regarding the KZ ZSE ... finally got them and pretty much only ordered them for the 'collection' :wink: and I like that shade of turquoise

    Here's a question: Anyone else switches L/R buds to be able to wear them 'over ear' ... I get much better fit / better seal / better sound this way ...
    ............ kzzse.jpg
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  6. PhonoPhi
    My bud exploration came to a halt, when I realized that I cannot stand the foam and could not find suitable silicone rings :frowning2:

    Any advice? (I got Y...o BK2)
  7. mbwilson111
    Silicone rings do not work for me at all... seems to ruin the sound. I have found that some foams feel nicer, smoother, less itchy than others but I know what you mean. You could be sensitive to whatever chemicals go into the process of making them. Have you tried gently washing them? Not in the machine :)
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  8. PhonoPhi
    No direct allergies so far :)
    But I really can't stand the feeling of the foam rings that came with the buds in my ears (knowing that the chemicals in cheap polyurethanes can be quite bad also does not help).

    Any good foams to recomend and any good silicone rings to try (I could not find much in Ali not knowing what to find exactly)?
  9. mbwilson111
    Maybe you should ask in the Earbuds Roundup thread. I am no expert but there are a few in that thread.

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  10. Podster
    Now you and MB may think Poddy's crazy (my close friends already know) but I have a friend back in Texas who had the same issue but loved his Monk's so much he used an industrial type tape and made a dot to cover the holes on the face, taped up his strain relief and entry and believe it or not he dips them in hot wax/paraffin like 2 maybe three times until they are smooth and it seems to work for him well (I mean after he pulls the tape back off):rolling_eyes: Of course with anything in this hobby YMMV!
  11. mbwilson111
    Now, that is just weird. I am surprised that the heat did not kill the drivers.
  12. Podster
    He dips them fast like a candle maker and the thin coat dries fast and then he re-coats, seems to work for him!
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  13. billbishere
    New cable and tips worked out great.

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  14. Slater
    Wait, what? He dips the foam earbud covers in wax? Or the ear bud? What does that accomplish? Does it protect his skin from chemicals?
  15. courierdriver
    Totally agree! ZS10 Pro is phenomenal for the price, yet I balk at spending $80+ CDN on the AS 12. I can't justify the cost for a bigger shellsize which probably won't fit me comfortably and is just a set with an extra ba. Love the thought of a DLC dynamic totally. I already have Moondrop KPE and TFZ NO.3 is almost here. I think it would be cool to see what KZ could pull off with that kind of driver, for around $50-65. If they came out with such a set, with the ZSN/ZSN PRO/ZS10 PRO shell for comfort/ergonomics, I'd jump all over it.
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