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Knowledge Zenith (KZ) impressions thread

  1. mikp
    seems I have the b - pin of the apt-x hd cable, so dont know if its compatible with the zs10 pro. See they sell a c pin also thats compatible. Seems the cc c10 is supposed to work with it, I see now they use the 2 pins that stick out.
  2. Podster
    That's the one thing I've always liked is those who like the ZS5 V1 really love them but pretty much that happens with one model or another for KZ lovers:wink:
  3. revand
    Yes I agree :)
    I was reviewing the Kann on my blog.
    My KZ ZSN was new and I made a try.
    But these moments show how good is the KZ ZSN
    Usually I use it with a Fiio BTR3.
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
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  4. Veyska
    Was gonna' post commenting on that and then I load the next page and see you already had. :p Don't have the ZS10 Pro (yet, at least, but I'm in no huge rush because...) but I do have the CCA C10 and it is quite nice and I can heartily recommend it as a solid all-rounder. :)
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  5. mikp
    would not want to buy another apt-x hd for just the c pin. If b pin would work on the zs10 pro, I would get that Untitled.png
  6. Veyska
    I think it would technically work... The protruding bit on the Z10 Pro would still be protruding though, instead of safely inside the cable's end, and thus more vulnerable to being damaged (and also possibly messing with the fit/positioning a bit).
  7. RikudouGoku
    Is There any other iem that is similar to the zs7 in sound but with a shape like the zs10pro? The zs7 is too big and very unpleasant to use.
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  8. LaughMoreDaily
    Whats the "old process"? ES4 are amazing!
  9. PhonoPhi
    Last edited: Jul 12, 2019
  10. courierdriver
    Hey hakuzen, I just received my TFZ No.3 and it also has those same Para C type connection ports as the KZ ZS10 PRO. I have another JCally 2.5 balanced 8 core cable on the way for it, but I want to start listening to the TFZ now, so I want to use the JCally balanced cable I already have on my 10 Pro. Do you know if I need to do any reversing of sides or anything on the TFZ, or do I just plug left to left and right to right, like I have done on my KZ'S when using the JCally cable? The TFZ No.3 came only with a 3.5 and I'm not a big fan of that flat cable that came stock with it. Any words of advice or suggestions?
  11. courierdriver
    Do you own these? If so, how would you describe the sound characteristics? I've got them in my cart on Aliexpress, but I would like more impressions before I decide if I wanna pull the plug on them. Also, how is the comfort? Can they be worn comfortably for an extended period of time? Thanks, MB!
  12. billbishere
    That is a neat looking headphone. From the 15" driver to the enclosure design! a little pricey
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  13. assassin10000
    Responded in the earbuds thread:

  14. Mlaihk
    Just received the ZS10 pro and AS16 .Testing the ZS10pro at the moment. Gotta say the stock ear tips are crap. The sound is distance and very soft. But once I put on some TP45, boy they sound amazing! Vocal quality was excellent for thw price. Can't compare with my Andromeda S in clarity and soundstage but these makes excellent everyday earphones with my phone!
  15. hakuzen
    plug them normally. if polarity is inverted (it means inverted position of pins in each side) you'll notice nothing, while the 2 plugs are plugged in same position. it will work as well as if polarity was ok.

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